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Recent content by Sapharan

  1. Sapharan

    **REPORTED** Music slider shoves itself back to 0%?

    For me music stopped working at and still doesn't in All else works fine. I have no texturepacks, no wavebanks. I even reinstalled the game etc. nothing... Also, game does not start with 0% music, nor does it reset to 0%. It just doesnt work, no matter how loud music is set.
  2. Sapharan

    **REPORTED** Music slider shoves itself back to 0%?

    Well, sad news is, does not fix the bug. No music at all, no matter the music level slider... Gonna wait more for the fix i guess.
  3. Sapharan

    tModLoader Rare Item Swap

    I love the idea but there is definitely one thing missing... "Available" section.
  4. Sapharan

    tModLoader VeinMiner Mod - Mine ores faster!

    VeinMiner is not compatible with newest tModLoader, that's why it doesn't work for you
  5. Sapharan

    tModLoader [0.1] Mystic Hunter

    I'm a huge fan of castlevania, and this system from Aria of Sorrow and Dawn of Sorrow (Also present in Blodstained: Ritual of the Night). I'm looking forward to this mod.
  6. Sapharan

    tModLoader Dictionary of Prefixes - Reforging Expansion Mod

    Awesome mod, really. With more prefixes it's much more interesting, and also bad prefixes for accesories is nice addition. Btw, i took my time and provided Polish names for every prefix you have:
  7. Sapharan

    tModLoader Intrinsics - Bind equipment and buffs to players permanently

    If i bind bind an and accesory that has an effect (for example +4% damage) and then bind an accesorry that was made from it and inherits the same effect, do they stack?
  8. Sapharan

    tModLoader Extensible Inventory - Limitless, paginated inventory

    Is it possible for modders using API to add individual slots instead of whole pages?
  9. Sapharan


  10. Sapharan

    tModLoader Assorted Crazy Things; A Mod Full of Crazy Things

    This is one of my favourite mods. Adds so much variety to the game. I hope to see even more.
  11. Sapharan

    tModLoader Shop Expander

    This will solve very problem when someone has multiple content mods enabled, amazing!
  12. Sapharan

    Working hard on new mod, please join my discord channel for more details: https://discord.gg/pBSQMV4

    Working hard on new mod, please join my discord channel for more details: https://discord.gg/pBSQMV4
  13. Sapharan

    tModLoader Legend of Terraria 3

    I'm finally back. As you know already, this mod has been abandoned. I'm currently working hard on creating new one. Please refer to my discord channel: https://discord.gg/pBSQMV4 I will get there updates on the progress of my new content mod. Some things will return, but most content will be...
  14. Sapharan

    tModLoader Enemy Affixes

    Question? Does this mod work well alongside Prefixes for Enemies, or is it incompatible?
  15. Sapharan

    tModLoader Various Weathers

    I'm playing with this mod and i love it. Terraria clearly missed something like that (And me being a fan of weather mods in bethesda games, it's a huge thing). I wonder.. I always imagine Terraria world being a huge island that is between worlds and different timelines of real world.. how about...
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