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Recent content by ShadowTiger

  1. ShadowTiger

    Tool TML.Patcher - Unpack and Decompile .tmod Files With Ease

    It's a shame, too. There are some mods whose authors have vanished off the face of the internet and people would really love to continue their work, because they're mods that people can't even imagine not using in their mod list. But I get it. :-/ Tough times, mang. Tough times. Thanks...
  2. ShadowTiger

    Adventure "The Hero's Quest" - A Terrarian Adventure

    Fantastic mod! Very detailed. Great story. Fun action. I keep getting stuck here though. Am I supposed to be getting a switch to put on that white gemspark wall a little east of the mushroom biome? How do we climb up to the surface from here? I don't even see any signs after leaving the...
  3. ShadowTiger

    tModLoader BotanyPlus - Alchemy plant enhancement mod

    This is a really fantastic set of ideas! I absolutely love the concepts. I can't even think of anything better after what I just read. Well done!
  4. ShadowTiger

    tModLoader TerraGuardians - Terrarian Companions

    So I see! Thank you! I checked out Alex's page. Here's my initial thoughts and adjustments. A lot of this relies on [Ctrl]+[F] to search for the string, though it does go in a straight line down the page, so it's not like it's scattered all over. I'll see about other characters in a bit if...
  5. ShadowTiger

    tModLoader TerraGuardians - Terrarian Companions

    So I finally downloaded and installed the mod and have been playing around with it, and it's definitely extremely impressive. Quite a beautiful creation you've got here. Is there any way people can help adjust the English and spelling used in the mod? Is there a way to export all of the...
  6. ShadowTiger

    tModLoader Wombat's Worldgen Additions

    This is pretty much on my list of the best things ever. Thank you so much for the mod! <3 Do you have any other ideas for other generated ideas? Also, friendly curiosity - What does it take to actually create these? What does the code generally look like? Would you say it's terribly difficult?
  7. ShadowTiger

    Terraria State of the Game - February 2021

    Ten years. Ten beautiful years. That's a mighty incredible thing. Thanks to everyone on the team for helping to bring a smile to millions of faces world-wide!
  8. ShadowTiger

    tModLoader Terrarchitect

    Real quick - I have these "Hazard Warning block" ... blocks, and it says I can turn them into Hazard Warning Block walls without any crafting object. Thing is, when I open my inventory anywhere with even 6 such blocks, I don't see the Wall version to turn them into. Am I missing something...
  9. ShadowTiger

    tModLoader Playable Moon Lord Boss (WIP)

    It's not every day that a mod makes me swoon. Well done! 🖖
  10. ShadowTiger

    tModLoader Fargo's Mutant Mod: Summons and Souls

    Actually I think I'm having the same issue. The only major content mod I'm using is the Calamity mod, and I have three out of four of the Fargo related mods enabled and working, but the Souls mod (The one I really wanted to use, haha.) has been updated but requires another version of...
  11. ShadowTiger

    My little Pony: Friendship is Magic

    Although I haven't read the novel-length fanfic itself, I've read a lot of the Wiki after playing the utterly phenomenal game "Fallout Equestria: Remains." It's just brilliant. Take a look.
  12. ShadowTiger

    Love the avatar! [img]

    Love the avatar!
  13. ShadowTiger

    Humorous Easy Hacker Guide!

    I've always used Hacker Typer to do my faux hacking. I was totally able to SSL into my SSD and SMTP my Firewall to my USB SATA i5 SSD with 16 Teraflops of Gigahertz in my left sock. A+ for the screenshots though! 👍
  14. ShadowTiger

    Now that is a beautiful thing. Enjoy!

    Now that is a beautiful thing. Enjoy!
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