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    Fargowiltas not working

    I remember something about this...First, what mods are you using in total?
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    What exactly is Miningcrack's take on luiafk? I've never heard of it (his take, I mean), and all the others I've used without problems.
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    Can you manually start them via. an event summoning item?
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    Mobile Compatible problem

    What version of Android are you running?
  5. Sir_Leaf

    Mobile Compatible problem

    What device do you have?
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    How long have you had the conditions fulfilled in-game?
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    Main World will not load, is it recoverable or have I lost it ? Any help appreciated

    Have you tried verifying the files? Do you have any workshop items?
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    PC Invisible bug etc

    Sounds like it could very well be a network issue. How good is your internet? Your friend's? Have you tried hosting instead of him?
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    tModLoader won't cooperate!!!1!!1!11 GRRR

    Huh. What all have you tried so far? Validating files? Reinstalling?
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    PC (Unknown Error) character erased my progress.

    Can you send a screenshot? Have you attempted using the backup?
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    tModLoader won't cooperate!!!1!!1!11 GRRR

    What mods do you have on? I know there's weird stuff that can happen with mods sometimes (ex. Anarchist Mod can sometimes crash game on character creation).
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    Error code when game start

    Well, have you tried what the error tips say?
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    Fledgling Wings, a Balanced Proposal.

    I think this would be a pretty fair balance adjustment.
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    PS4 Can’t find jungle temple HELP

    <--- Maybe somewhere around there??? It's pretty hidden.
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    Fargo's Mutant Mod Error On Load

    Just unload everything except for the Mutant Mod, then go into the config (brown gear next to mod in Mod List) and disable the banner recipes.
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