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  1. SkyanUltra

    tModLoader The Amulet Of Many Minions

    ah, okay. but next time maybe word it as "cross-compatibility" rather than just compatibility, that way mod devs know what you're talking about lol. cross-compatibility just has to do with content that is compatible with calamity, and compatibility usually means if the mod works while running...
  2. SkyanUltra

    tModLoader The Amulet Of Many Minions

    every mod should be compatible with each other right off the bat. it doesn't have any cross content, but it should 100% be able to run alongside calamity. now please stop asking this it's been asked over a thousand times before with almost every mod :sigh:
  3. SkyanUltra

    tModLoader Skyan Trinkets

    can someone lock this forum, i've already replaced it with the Azure Skies forum.
  4. SkyanUltra

    Terraria State of the Game - January 2021

    not to mention, all of this stuff that is present in current day console editions can all be resprited. they aren't forced to use the same old sprites back when they were really bad recolors of jungle, gold, and mythril hood + robe, nor do you have to use the newer sprites. these items are part...
  5. SkyanUltra

    Terraria State of the Game - January 2021

    i understand why you're removing the old-gen console items, but why not add them to the other versions of the game? yes, they don't fit your vision, but why is that? what is so unfitting about these items that makes them not worth having?
  6. SkyanUltra

    Texture Pack The YouTubers Texture Pack!

    this man really got mixels in his texture pack:(
  7. SkyanUltra

    tModLoader GaMeTerraria

    does the stoffie fight work in multiplayer, or no?
  8. SkyanUltra

    tModLoader Azure Skies

    i plan on adding in some form of boss checklist support in the future, as right now there's only a single mini-boss in the mod (that being skuldge). i haven't added any bosses yet, though.
  9. SkyanUltra

    Made a song that im inspired by Terraria

    reminds me of the OST for the Minecraft Aether mod, if you've ever heard that soundtrack.
  10. SkyanUltra

    TV Which animated/film series made you depressed after it ended? Why?

    While I wouldn't say it necessarily depressed me, Evangelion was the only show I watched that really made me felt something by the end of it. It was a fantastic anime to watch through and i'd highly recommend it to anyone if you haven't already watched it.
  11. SkyanUltra

    tModLoader Azure Skies

    I’m actually kind of thinking about that, but right now it’s probably going to be a bit of a minor subclass. However, I can say that launchers will be seeing a large amount of new content!
  12. SkyanUltra

    tModLoader Azure Skies

    resergve;d : )
  13. SkyanUltra

    tModLoader Azure Skies

    Azure Skies Hey there! Welcome to the forum page for a little passion project of mine i've been working on called Azure Skies! This is a mod focused around expanding on areas within Terraria with new things as to alleviate the lack of focus it may not have gotten. You'll find a variety of brand...
  14. SkyanUltra

    Pots and Boulders, more ways to kill you! [Sprites]

    regardless if it was accurate or not, you gave them the go to add them in. i'm sure if you asked nicely they'd rework the weapons to act more like your suggested ideas for them. either way though hating a mod because they didn't do something exactly how you wanted is pretty childish.
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