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Recent content by slimsymuffin

  1. slimsymuffin

    Wavebank Lithium's Custom Wave Banks!

    I see where you are going at. But, like I said, It is just my opinion and I respect your opinion as well.
  2. slimsymuffin

    Wavebank Lithium's Custom Wave Banks!

    Personally I think that 'The Starlit wilds' (the campfire one) would fit more with night time, but that's just my opinion
  3. slimsymuffin


    There seems to be a bug with the drow with it not receiving a mana buff. am i doing something wrong?
  4. slimsymuffin

    Will you be there to face what comes next?

    From going to the website it was from and skipping frame by frame i can deduce that it has 7 frames *bows as audience claps and cheers*
  5. slimsymuffin

    tModLoader I need A Text ID List!

    if using numbers u don't have to put ItemID.[Number ID] So you could just put this :merchantgrin:: recipe.AddIngredient(548, 1)
  6. slimsymuffin

    tModLoader Pie's Vanity Sets (looking for better name)

    OH MY GOD:merchanteek: this mod has castle crashers vanity sets:merchantpassionate: is it ok if I cry for a second?:merchantcry:
  7. slimsymuffin

    tModLoader Slimsymuffin's Terraria Expansion Mod

    :redmunch:WARNING Double Post (I guess it's ok though because it is a thread update) added credits and thanks plus I have a banner YAY!:joy:
  8. slimsymuffin

    tModLoader Night and Crimson (Terra Stuff, basically)

    Well, I guess I mean't when the mod is released?
  9. slimsymuffin

    tModLoader Khaelis' Potion Expansion Mod!

    oh I thought it did provide 'On Fire!' immunity:merchantsad:
  10. slimsymuffin

    Other Art [Program] darthmorf's Terraria Logo Maker

    this looks very useful considering my WIP mod i'm making (link in signature) doesn't have a banner yet, of course credit would be given
  11. slimsymuffin

    tModLoader Night and Crimson (Terra Stuff, basically)

    i see what you did there:merchantwink:. nice mod definitely will consider using in the future
  12. slimsymuffin

    tModLoader Khaelis' Potion Expansion Mod!

    i know this is 2 months late but have you ever heard of the 'Obsidian Skin Potion'
  13. slimsymuffin

    tModLoader Itorius' Mods

    sounds exiting :merchanthappy: EDIT: also with the modular equipment mod i can't see the bottom of the ui could you help with this bug? (I'm not on fullscreen) EDIT 2.0: ok i totally get what you mean (especially with the school, ICT coursework, :merchantsigh:whew!) i'm still super exited for...
  14. slimsymuffin

    tModLoader TerraUI Toolkit (Example Mod Included)

    I have a problem when compiling my mod with a tone of errors (I confess a few are my own) could I have help? by the way the example mod works fine during compiling
  15. slimsymuffin

    Bring back the old NPC death messages!

    cool idea, you've got my support. Shame there is no banner:merchantsad:
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