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  1. Snowrain

    Terraria State of the Game - March 2019

    every spoiler gets me more and more hyped up for this!
  2. Snowrain

    tModLoader Various Weathers

    I absolutly love the idea of different types of weather and I really hope you'll continue to update this.
  3. Snowrain

    Terraria: State of the Game - January 2019

    Are you sure its still 1.3.6 and not 1.4 at this point? I mean sure no major game advancements added anymore but still the already shown teaser for 1.3.6 are already INSANE
  4. Snowrain

    tModLoader [WIP] DMode Mod

    Found your mod recently and I've got to say that im very suprised to how good it actually is. Also wanted to report a bug I found right away: When you try to level up the skill level with a green orb that gives 100 exp it will eventuelly just reset the weapon exp back to 0 without increasing the...
  5. Snowrain

    can't wait for 1.3.6

    can't wait for 1.3.6
  6. Snowrain

    tModLoader Dual Blade: Pre-Alpha. Scaling Weapons & possibly something more coming Soon™

    Since nobody seems to write anything here I want to let you know that I apreciate mods that add new weapons with more than just simple swing and high damage and a projectile. The sword and staff look both really really cool so far and I hope you'll add more awesome weapons soon.
  7. Snowrain

    tModLoader The Lunatic

    Alright, I'll give it a shot and let you know if anything happens.
  8. Snowrain

    tModLoader Solidified Potions

    Im so down for some potion-like accessories
  9. Snowrain

    tModLoader The Lunatic

    I'm gonna try this mod out now and I'm pretty hyped. glad that there's not too much info given on the mod itself. any compatibility problems known?
  10. Snowrain

    I found a Enchanted Sword. And the best part was i was recording!

    Found the Arkhalis on my first Expert World on freshly released 1.3, I streamed it and everyone came in and asked how I got that sword, was pretty amazing. :D
  11. Snowrain

    PC Terraria unable to load "Large"-Size Maps.

    It crashes while trying to load up the world, at the part where it is "resetting the world" it first goes "loading failed" and than it crashes to the screenshot above, I've tried to close some recording applications I use for youtube videos and some other stuff not really needed and it seems to...
  12. Snowrain

    PC Terraria unable to load "Large"-Size Maps.

    Thanks for the quick reply... I currently have 16GB of RAM on my PC and Terraria used to work perfectly for me before.
  13. Snowrain

    PC Terraria unable to load "Large"-Size Maps.

    Hey there, ever since a few weeks my Terraria seems to not be able to load Large Worlds correctly. Every time I try to load my old world it says "load failed" and crashes with this error message: It's bugging the heck out of me and I hope someone can come up with a solution, can provide...
  14. Snowrain

    Standalone [1.3] tModLoader - A Modding API

    Ever since I got tModLoader to play with mods it crashes most of my maps while loading the "resetting" part. here's a picture of the error and hopefully someone can help me fix this since it's driving me nuts...
  15. Snowrain

    tModLoader Ulterraria: Reborn

    First it was an actual error message but ever since it just straight up closes the game, used the folder exe now and it works all of a sudden.
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