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    Switch No auto lock on Switch and slime bug

    Autovlock I believe is a 1.3.1 feature and the switch has yet to be updated to so
  2. Sr0udedMistWalker

    Switch Chests and crafting..

    I dont think that the switch version is in 1.3 yet but a mid would know this better than me
  3. Sr0udedMistWalker

    Resolved [Switch] Hotbar can't get remember

    The d pad resets every time 4 consoles as well so it's not really a bug and I have gotten use to that
  4. Sr0udedMistWalker

    Xbox One Wormhole potions

    So me and my friends experience this a lot. We are somewhere important we would like to be but the wormhole potion will either a. Not work whilst trying to teleport to certain players or b. it will teleport to a different person than the person they are trying to teleport to and also this will...
  5. Sr0udedMistWalker

    PS4 "No charater available for download"

    Well try to upload cloud saved data when your on the world picking screen
  6. Sr0udedMistWalker

    Xbox One When are bugs going to be fixed?

    Any way give the devs a break I mean they had to rewrite the entirety of xb1 terraria so that we would be up to par with PC also the map is not as important as some of the other bugs they are dealing with
  7. Sr0udedMistWalker

    PS4 Question about Duplication

    Oh I'll have to give it a go when I can then
  8. Sr0udedMistWalker

    PS4 Question about Duplication

    You can use the exit without saving method otherwise non host, give item 2 other player or put in chest, quit application without pausing, oh and make sure you have autosave off while you do it Join back in and voala
  9. Sr0udedMistWalker

    Xbox One Glitched Terraria...

    There is a work around to that if you take your dyes off your character that glitch will not happen as much... It'll still happen but again it won't happen as often
  10. Sr0udedMistWalker

    Xbox One Okay WHAT?

    I feel they should add back saving in-game so you don't have to exits each time you feel like quickly saving... Yes I know there is an autosave option but that saves every couple of minutes not exactly when you feel like saving Aldo they should add a true way to exit without saving
  11. Sr0udedMistWalker

    Xbox One Minimap not saving

    That's quite strange
  12. Sr0udedMistWalker

    Xbox One Minimap not saving

    Do you have autosave off because my map progress doesn't save if it is off, when my autosave is on, all my map progress is saves
  13. Sr0udedMistWalker

    Xbox One Extreme Graphic Bug

    This has happened to me but when I restart my game it works perfectly so honestly I don't know whats happening to you since when you restart the game it doesn't fix it
  14. Sr0udedMistWalker

    Xbox One Game crashes when you kill Golem

    That happens to me when I'm not the host of the world...it works just fine if your the host or on single player For me at least
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