DEFINETLY Not a knight of the highest order from a group of alien VERY fat cats known as "fat tabbys" Who have destroyed a few unknown planets and have technology higher than those humans can EVER imagine...

Usually spend my time drawing, playing Terraria (and scattered other games) and reading books. And now I play piano, which is gud.
November 29
From a far planet known as Fatalis
Re-Logic Games Owned
  1. Terraria: PC
  2. Terraria: Xbox One
  3. Terraria: Nintendo Switch




My Story: I am a fat tabby named Puffl. Fat tabbys are alien cat like species that are usually harmless unless first disturbed, or not fed. Our civilization has been around since the first fat, named Fatalis, came to be, which was 128,931,928,390,210,412,049,120,491,203,910,908 years ago. Our civilization is massive, and I was the first fat tabby to go to your planet, Urth. Actually, I think it was called, "Earth?" Ehh, Urth sounds better. I learned so much about you human, and was worshipped when i got back to Fatalis. but, not before I found about things called "video games" and Terraria was my favorite one. I ending up liking a ton, though, like the pink ball Kirby, and the bug The Knight, in his game Hollow Knight. So, you probably have infinite questions, but I will only answer one. And that question was, "Who are your enemies?" And they are the STICKMEN. DESTROY THEM IF YOU SEE THEM. Unless you draw them, then they're fine. But if you see a real, alive stickman, get out the S.D.M.G's. Or the Zeniths. Either one.
"hey look, I got you an RoD. use it wisely!" *starts teleporting around in circles and kills self*
"slime mounts are not bad for Rangers." *jumps super high and dies of fall damage*
"if you see a plantera bulb, do not break it unless you have a big arena." *breaks bulb thinking it's a pot that requires a pickaxe*
"Golem is EZ." *dies* "how did you do that?"
"when fighting moonlord, it's good to start flying up when you see his forehead eye open." "wait, so these moon leech clots heal ME?" *dies* "Expert mode is easy if you know what you are doing." *bombs shadow orbs* "luckily, I do."
*dies to morpho knight* "How did I die to a BUG?"
"Not that YOU would understand." - Susie
"Kirby is rated E - E-10." *shows Zero Two bleeding it's eye out* "errr, scratch that!"
"No Dedede, you are not going to klobbah this Kirby."
"Gruz, stop your body-pummeling and fight me like a civilized bug being."
"Why is everything shooting orange juice at me?!?"
"Aww, my vessel is so cute! *dies and leaves shade behind* "it's still cute."
"oh no, here comes another mantis! My nail is so bad I can't fight it." *dashes over it and then nail bounces on it's head* "NYEEHHHH"
*Buys quick focus and uses compass* "I like to think of myself as, not lost."
*Dies to Dung Defender* "How did I die to a DUMBER BUG?"
Use Soul Eater, Shaman Stone, and Flukenest. It's too OP. (except for HK and Radiance)
Sly and NKG are the hardest bosses so far and you can't change my mind.
CROWNED ~OVERLORD~ (Kirby Star Allies)
Dark Matter in the Hyper Zone (Kirby Star Allies)
VS. Marx (Kirby Star Allies)
Zero Two (Kirby 64 The Crystal Shards)
Nightmare Battle (Kirby's Adventure)
Mantis Lords (Hollow Knight)
VS. Star Dream Remix (Kirby Planet Robobot)
Phantom of Beauty (Kirby Star Allies)
Plantera Metal Remix (Terraria, Doyee)
Also look at these soundtracks if you are interested:
Terraria Soundtrack
Wuppo Soundtrack
Subnautica Soundtrack
Hollow Knight Soundtrack
Castle Crashers Soundtrack
Enter the Gungeon Soundtrack
Celeste Soundtrack
Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards Soundtrack
Kirby Triple Deluxe Soundtrack (My fav kirby game)
Kirby Planet Robobot Soundtrack
Kirby Star Allies Soundtrack
Terraria Calamity Soundtrack
Plants Vs Zombies Soundtrack (All games)


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