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Recent content by Terrapin2190

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    PS4 Terraria lagging and constant freezing

    Terraria freezes in an offline game session and only in a certain area in my world. I also notice a lot of lagging while moving around in my spawn point area which is populated by many 'shiny' blocks (ex gold, pearlescent, etc.) and decorative items. I have also transferred my saved content...
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    Greatest acheivements in terraria!

    uhh... building the cast of Chrono Trigger is the only thing that comes to mind. Took me 2 weeks! Still haven't "beaten" Pumpkin Moon, but I've gotten to Wave 14? I think? With other people. It always lags out so bad the messages fail to load so who knows what happens after a certain point? It...
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    Console Is Terraria Dead?

    I play a lot, but mostly I just build. Boss fights and deathmatch/CTG get boring fast for me. Unless I'm intoxicated... Then everyone just kills each other until I blow up my enormous tower.
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    Console We're Here!

    Weren't we promised mounts for the previous update on console?? Oh yeah! What do I care, I'm a builder! XD
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    Pre-Thanksgiving Treats for Console & Mobile Terrarians!

    I've always been able to hold to buy using R1 on PS3 version. This sounds exciting though! New pet yay!! Must... kill... Turkor! As soon as possible! XD
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    Console Cross-Platform Console Issues

    I play Terraria on PS3. A friend of mine recently switched to PS4 and bought Terraria as soon as it was released and previously played on PS3. I'm assuming he transferred his PS3 save data to his PS4. Upon attempting to connect to his world which was set to online from my PS3 I recieved an...
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    PS3 Thank you 505 and engine

    Yay! 505! Whee!! How To Survive is a fun game too, but not nearly as replayable as Terraria.
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    What's your favorite thing about Terraria?

    BUILDING! Endless replayability! :D It's so nostalgic and I love it! LOLOL
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    Terraria overheats my pc alot..

    If it happens with other games, provided your specs meet requirements and such, you might need new cooling gel on your graphics processor? My old Vista laptop didn't even HAVE gel! Stupid HP just put pads on it that dry out and do more harm than good. Otherwise, you could try some cleaning...
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    What Terraria noise annoys you the most?

    Before I turned the music down, I would hear the normal biome music in my sleep sometimes... Boss summoning sound is a bit annoying. Sounds like it was ripped from Doom2 lol
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    Terraria In-game pixel art.

    I'm working on a Chrono Trigger project! I've built all the main characters circled around Chrono in battle pose. Along with Nu (the time-blob creature-thing you meet at the time gate) looking up into space with his hands up, and one of those creatures from Medina below them. I'm still adding...
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