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    Terraria State of the Game - April 2021

    Tmodloader news is interesting, that’ll be cool.
  2. T is out :D is out :D
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    Greedy Magnet

    A tinker of the treasure magnet and greedy ring. It has the effects of both, decreased shop prices, enemies drop coins, and you have an increased item pick up range. This would stack with the increased coin pick up range.
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    Happy Halloween everybody!

    Happy Halloween everybody!
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    Anyone else having trouble getting pink prickly pears?

    I’m trying to get 100% researched in the game, and these have been a PAIN to get. I’ve afked for about 15 minutes in a new world in the desert with the time speed at 24 and while sleeping in a bed, and haven’t gotten a single one. Are they just insanely rare or am I just unlucky?
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    PC Add a quick-research hotkey.

    Just add a hotkey that allows you to quickly research something if it’s already in the research slot so we don’t have to waste time moving our cursor up and down and up and down, especially if you wanna research as many things as possible. This would be amazing for laptop players.
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    Been playing some journey mode recently in a quest to research all the items so I have unlimited...

    Been playing some journey mode recently in a quest to research all the items so I have unlimited of them, and filling out the bestiary 100%. All I can say is why does pumpking need so many kills eEeEEeeEee
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    Can Anyone Help With An Angler NPC Question?

    It has to be same character, idk about same world.
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    tModLoader Magic Storage

    Is this mod updated/worth using?
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    What was Old is Made New Again: Revisting the Terraria Experience

    Short sword buff and better graphics! Wing animations look good!
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