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Recent content by The__Bird

  1. The__Bird

    Aaaaand Plantera

    Aaaaand Plantera
  2. The__Bird

    Oh look at that about a year later Spazmatism 'earned' as well ez game

    Oh look at that about a year later Spazmatism 'earned' as well ez game
  3. The__Bird

    About time I "earned" skeletron prime lol

    About time I "earned" skeletron prime lol
  4. The__Bird

    PC Eye of Cthulhu random eye color

    Not sure. Ill think about it
  5. The__Bird

    How well-known is the person above you?

    idk 2/10 I wonder what i'll get :pumpking:
  6. The__Bird

    Sprites The River (Alternate Underworld)

    Amazing. Amazing sprites, amazing replacement, amazing boss, amazing sprites, amazing amaze. 1.3.2 confirmed?
  7. The__Bird

    PC Final Boss Idea (Spoilers)

    Its been stated that Cthulhu is actually his brother. Btw its spelled Cthulhu
  8. The__Bird

    Gender Race

    862 hype :3
  9. The__Bird

    No equipment slot for wings?

    Recently I've been trying out a new melee build, and I wanted to add another accessory, but I didn't know what to take out, so I took out my wings, because cosmic car keys. Its actually made a big difference without my wings even with my op infinite flying mount, and I can see why wings having...
  10. The__Bird

    WIP Martian Madness summoning item

    Because if not, the universe would explode
  11. The__Bird

    PC Terraria Can Mac & Linux Come Out & Play?

    i agree with this ty devs for taking the time to port this game over
  12. The__Bird

    The neverending battle

    Influx weaver is obviously better. u get shrekt
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