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    Minishark v3 please uwu

    Dolphins are superior. Sharks fear them.
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    Edit The Quote

    Sadly, as His messenger, I'm obligated to remind you that the lasagna offer has to be uneaten by His inferiors.
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    The Plunderer

    It only affects other piercing attacks., so the bullets wouldn't be affected unless piercing ammo was used. The cannonballs are shot more slowly, so it can be assumed that their fire rate would be low enough for their damage output to not suffer.
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    The Plunderer

    The OP states that the cannonballs are fired at a slower rate, so making them pierce would both mimic the Cannon's abilities, and make them do something beyond just adding damage.
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    The Plunderer

    The cannonballs should have their damage stated, pierce infinitely; and the bullets should deal more damage per hit; on top of making it a post-Mech or even post-Plantera weapon.
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    How do you think the old man got his curse?

    I think that he entered the dungeon when he was young in order to look for things to sell, and accidentally awakened Skeletron and the skeletons; resulting in the former cursing him and using him in order to dissuade would-be intruders. Since Skeletron's orders were simple, the Clothier actually...
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    What is the most useless item in Terraria to you?

    I'm surprised nobody mentioned the Tin Shortsword and Pick. Both of them are marginal upgrades over their Copper counterparts, but you have to craft a Furnace and gather the ore before you can actually use them. On top of that, the pick is still inferior to the Cactus Pick. Another case is the...
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    PC Make the Vortex Beater a little quieter

    There's also ways to reduce the volume of guns IRL without affecting their performance much, and, more importantly, that this case involves a fictional gun made from magical materials.
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    I want to witness it first-hand.

    I want to witness it first-hand.
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    What? When did you do that?

    What? When did you do that?
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    Master mode Nurse

    Making it a regen would be the simplest way, and could actually be applied to every mode, and not just Master. For instance, it could be 5% of the Player's maximum health over 30 seconds (The extra 10 seconds would let the Player take some damage while regenerating).
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    PC Make the Vortex Beater a little quieter

    At the very least, the Vortex Beater's firing sound really shouldn't be the same as the Shotgun's, considering how awful it generally sounds at the VB's fire rate.
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    Two useful tools: The T-Square and Circle Compass

    I like both. Particularly the Circle Compass. As for obtaining them, they could be sold by the Goblin Tinkerer, who could use a source of income that doesn't depend on reforging.
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    Design The Dungeon

    I pre-spoiled myself with Tv Tropes. Floor 708 is filled with pure C2N14 at very low temperatures, so literally the body heat, or touching it will make it explode.
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    Design The Dungeon

    I don't really care about them. Floor 697 forces you to read Tv Tropes.
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