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    Meowmere vs Star Wrath?

    no no no you are all wrong the best endgame weapon is a legendary copper shortsword
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    PC Is Zenith useless?

    celebration mk2, last prism, terraprisma need I say more? Edit 1: I agree with Nimblentfox they should just add calamity boss ruch with only vanilla bosses to the vanilla game and award you a copper short sword with a legendary modifier instead of a rock at the end
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    Copper Shortsword to Zenith swap

    why not both palladium46(niko)
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    Last Prism to a Wooden Cross

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    tModLoader Buffed damage over time debuffs

    oh ok I thought its still work because frostburn and on fire and vanilla debuffs deal good damage
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    tModLoader Dragon Ball Terraria

    I dont understand what is that supposed to mean
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    tModLoader Esper Class

    who else using it only for the tk dodge lol?
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    tModLoader The Clicker Class

    what is carpel tunel?
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    tModLoader Dragon Ball Terraria

    when you click extract in mods then you can find files for a blue/turquise colored hair saiyan is that the dev form from V1.0.8.1? and if yes is it possible to obtain it via cheatsheet and hero's mod? Edit 1: are you also planning to add post-ML content to match calamity or at least simply add...
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    tModLoader [Calamity] Rogue Improvements

    its on tmodloader
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    tModLoader Buffed damage over time debuffs

    the super bleed debuff from calamity soma prime is not affected can you fix that because you said its calamity compatible thanks
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    tModLoader Leveled RPG Mod | Port to tMod Project

    Thorium(Partial) | Symphonic(INT+DEX) and Radiant(INT+SPR) damage scaling | Boss levels Sacred Tools(Partial) | Developer support Dragon Ball Terraria | Ki Damage (Spirit/Enhancement) why is this crossed out thoes it work or not?
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    tModLoader [Calamity] Rogue Improvements

    the config is gone after the fix
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    Texture Pack Khoir Texture

    Can you retexture empress of light into a toucan please?
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