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Recent content by trainhead1201

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    Make Stardust armor increase your maximum amount of sentries

    As the endgame Summoner set, it would make sense that it would give bonuses to both regular minions and sentries. I think the amount of extra sentry slots should be the same as minions, so 5 extra sentries.
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    tModLoader No Boss Music

    But you can set your music volume to 0%?
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    tModLoader Better Terraria Mod

    Hmm, this looks interesting. I felt the mechs in expert were a bit plain.
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    Joke Terraria Suggestions

    Lifeless Mode. All boss and enemy life/damage/defense increased by Graham's Number to the power of a Googolplexian times TREE(3). Bosses don't drop anything besides a special Lifeless Mode-exclusive item, which always negatively impact the player. King Slime - Unroyal Gel - King Slimes spawn...
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    The 3000th post wins

    554 edit: wait no, 555
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    Give the Meowmere a Tooltip

    It's kind of the equivalent of ruining a joke by explaining it, so I think it should remain without a tooltip.
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    tModLoader Expanded Sentries

    This is realy great. I love mods that focus on specific things like this rather than trying to be the next Calamity.
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    tModLoader karentookthekids mod

    So you fight karen and she drops the kids?
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    The 3000th post wins

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    tModLoader The Thorium Mod

    I have full Rhapsodist armor with the Soloist helmet, as well as multiple bard accessories, but for some reason The Set and Edge of Imagination aren't affected by damage modifiers?
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    New summoning accessory pre-Hardmode?

    yeah. I've seen mods use Living Trees as a theme for summoner related items, so maybe they could do something like that really earlygame.
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