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Recent content by Xakk

  1. Xakk

    PC Graphical glitch - Waterfalls

    Good call, as I was playing with the zoom in the same area as the first picture I noticed the lines popping in and out with different spacings. Must have been playing with the game zoomed in before. Probably should still mark this up for the team to look at.
  2. Xakk

    PC Graphical glitch - Waterfalls

    Update: Here's a much clearer version of what I'm seeing
  3. Xakk

    PC Graphical glitch - Waterfalls

    This is singleplayer, and my machine is definitely not lagging. When I say flickering, I mean that effect where something moves back and forth in the game so fast it appears to be in two places at once; a capture will only show one of the two. I can't actually tell that these pixels are...
  4. Xakk

    PC Graphical glitch - Waterfalls

    See attached image. Waterfall sprite (?) seems to be partially glitching out of place. It's a flickering effect, I had trouble capturing it, in game camera wouldn't catch it. Affecting lava and gemspark waterfalls. both on screen.
  5. Xakk

    PC Music Randomly Muting

    I had a similar bug happen to me. The music stopped upon nightfall, a blood moon started but after a long delay. The in game volume was where I left it, changing it does not bring back the music. Changing music with the party girl also has no effect, nor does changing biomes. SFX and ambience...
  6. Xakk

    PC Torch God's Favor doesn't apply to small desert biomes

    I have seen this reported once before. When the biome shifts to desert, torch god's favor only functions when back walls are present. Presumably they thought desert torches would only be needed in the UD, but this prevents them from being used on the surface desert and in smaller desert patches.
  7. Xakk

    PC Dreadnautilus AI

    I know that others have reported this boss for bad pathing AI, but it needs some specific work. Several times now while trying to fight this boss I've been stymied by it zipping under the ground in between attacks. One time it simply jetted offscreen and disappeared, another it hung out at the...
  8. Xakk

    PC Actuated platforms above hammered platforms = fall/spaz though floor

    Half platforms can cause a hoik effect too. My friend used to use such an effect to make glitchy elevators before either of us knew what hoik was.
  9. Xakk

    PC Grates do not hold liquid.

    Specifically, grate squares will not hold liquid during the settling phase of world load. Any liquid that's in a square with a closed grate will fall right out while the grate remains closed.
  10. Xakk

    Working as Designed Graphical bug? - Strange light effect on minimap.

    I just replicated this with a magic mirror, so that's confirmed. Also I'm not sure the flair for this post is appropriate - I don't think devs intended for magic mirrors to act as an xray through blocks.
  11. Xakk

    Working as Designed Graphical bug? - Strange light effect on minimap.

    I posted this bug a few months ago. It was an effect where for some reason light would be shed through solid blocks in a wide range but only show on the minimap. Like so. Nobody could figure it out so I decided I'd keep an eye on it. Finally I caught one only a few minutes after it happened...
  12. Xakk

    PC Minecart track controls not working.

    I've noticed that at high speeds, choosing the non-default track on a minecart by holding up/down sometimes doesn't work, and the cart will ignore the alternate track.
  13. Xakk

    Working as Designed Graphical bug? - Strange light effect on minimap.

    An update, I have seen it occur a few more times, and have ruled out the snake bottle item as a possible cause. I'm starting to suspect it might be caused by coins on the ground.
  14. Xakk

    Working as Designed Graphical bug? - Strange light effect on minimap.

    It's not light particles, the shape is too symmetrical. It really looks light a light source with a really high range that ignores solid blocks. In the second one you can see it it perfectly diamond shaped.
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