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  1. Parsnip

    PC Some of my builds

    Yeah, love the dragon and the little underground room, keep up the hard work! ~:passionate:
  2. Parsnip

    CC entry: Truffle house [IMG]

    CC entry: Truffle house
  3. Parsnip

    PC Help me build! [First post] [New terrarian]

    Well thats completely up to you hehe :D and you can upload your world on any download site such as curseforge or mediafire then share the link here in the forums.
  4. Parsnip

    Member-Run Project Parsnip's Pre-builds

    Upcoming Evil Theme So while waiting for more votes i started to work on some evil themed builds, here's a quick spoiler: Skull cave entrance More spoilers down Below: As always guys if you have any ideas or suggestions let me know. Update: also made a cute little support banner...
  5. Parsnip

    PC Help me build! [First post] [New terrarian]

    Hey, if you are going for different themes for NPC i'd look for blocks that matches them, for example grass walls and wood for the druid or waterfall backgrounds and sand for the fisherman etc, you can also use a combination of furnitures to make each room feel unique. on that note, would you...
  6. Parsnip

    Member-Run Project Parsnip's Pre-builds

    Welcome To a World created by me for you, the players. _________________________________________________________ What is it? This world consists of a bunch of pre-built things, from sceneries to buildings that you the community can bring into your own world though it will start off small, i...
  7. Parsnip

    PC Ballin' houses by Eiv

    Love the small builds, looks great with all the detail you put in them, especially the roofs, keep up the hard work :pinky:
  8. Parsnip

    Addys Base

    The poor npcs are all in prison ;(
  9. Parsnip

    wut favorite item?

    The wood block, probably the easiest block to match other items with and is often ignored even though it has a ton of uses. As for the best looking item i really like the exaggerated stuff, like the flying dragon.
  10. Parsnip

    What's Your Favorite Class and Why?

    Summoner, as a person who loves to build and relax the fact the my minions will do all the annoying work for me is great, besides its pretty cool to have little pets walking around with you.
  11. Parsnip

    CC Creation Compendium #78

    Oh wow, been awhile since ive seen these and to think khaios is the one hosting them And gj everyone 👍
  12. Parsnip

    PC Remaking your house/base

    Hey guys, if you dont know, i go by the name parsnip on youtube, and generally i do a lot of terraria builds, i recently had an idea to do sort of a "pimp my ride" style of videos but with houses and wanted a couple of your bases/worlds to remake, naturally i would need you to provide a download...
  13. Parsnip

    My buildings. Do you like it?

    i'd say you should take a screenshot of the build itself and not the map, but i do like the idea that all of your npc's have a separate and unique house :p
  14. Parsnip


    Hopefully he's in a better place now! :merchantgrin:
  15. Parsnip

    PC My Christmas Project

    oh wow i like how you drew out the idea first! can't wait to see the final result, would just say to make more unique rooms as those seem really big and square :merchantgrin:
  16. Parsnip


    hey great job with the build! any chance you could post a day time version so we can see more of the details? :)
  17. Parsnip

    Official The TCF Relation of Three Contest Winners Announcement

    Pretty late but congratulations everyone! was incredibly fun to participate. :)
  18. Parsnip

    Official The TCF Relation of Three Contest Submission Thread

    In Game Creations So i decided to go with the three places that left the biggest impression on me, those being the forest biome, the corruption and the hallow :)
  19. Parsnip

    CC Creation Compendium #49

    Always one of the best things for me to view when i come to the forums, awesome stuff everyone! In love with the tower by @Local Tree. :passionate:
  20. Parsnip

    PC World Of Wonders Is Here!

    oh cool stuff ! keep up the hard work :)
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