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Main forum page for tConfig is here: Terraria 1.1.2 - tConfig 0.35.2. This is an official source of downloads and archives. Not sure if Races the Redux is there though, but carrying on:

RtR stands for Races the Redux.

18+ preferred.

This mod has many classes to choose from and each have their own traits. Traits can be gained from all sorts of sources per class. Also, there are bonuses and otherwise based on the race chosen.

Terraria 1.1.2 can be gotten using this Terraria forums post:
This application allows you to downgrade your game to any of the past game versions where the steam manifest IDs are known.
This application is NOT a pirate tool and requires users to already own the game.

tConfig version 0.35.3a
This version specifically is required to run RtR. The later version updated by Surfpup does not run this mod since it's a post Terraria 1.2 version which RtR was released pre Terraria 1.2.

Mod List
Currently running:
  • Races the Redux
  • Walkup
  • Autosave Players
  • BaseMod
  • Difficulty Modifier (W1K)
  • Flashkirby's Weapons
  • Never Enough Devices
  • ~Fireball
Server Information : 7000

It is successfully running from this post's date.
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