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Discussion in 'Released' started by Shoot, Sep 26, 2014.

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  1. Shoot

    Shoot Terrarian

    (updated 06/25/2017)

    Added support for v1.3.5.3
    Cleaned up error handling

    Now open source!

    Download (u.chbshoot.me) [note from staff - this link hasn't been working for several months]

    I apologize in advance for any bugs you may encounter but please do report them so I can fix them!

    As with all tools out there, back up your characters before proceeding


    Please remember to back up characters and report all errors to:




    Stats tab:

    Click on HP/MP bars to regen


    Looks tab:


    The "Show Equips check box has three states

    1. Full check - Show equipment
    2. Little box - Show social equipment
    3. No check - No equipment whatsoever

    Inventory tab:


    Buffs tab:

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  2. bunnyboy

    bunnyboy Terrarian

    I love how this is the only mod on the forums :D
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  3. Gara

    Gara Steampunker

    Working fine, thank you so much for the update.

    I was looking for an update of this tool weeks ago :p
  4. StuKa

    StuKa Official Terrarian

    Awesome, thanks for the update!
  5. Shoot

    Shoot Terrarian

    You got it guys, as soon as 1.3 is out you'll see another update :)
  6. Not that bad. I really like it!
  7. Haydenman2

    Haydenman2 Steampunker

    By far the best inventory edit mod.
  8. Butterboy

    Butterboy Terrarian

    Can someone help me on how to install it, every time i try it says that the file does not exist. Can someone help me? Thank you.
  9. Feather

    Feather Terrarian

    Works just great, no issues at all, does what it tells it would do.
    Great job with this InvEdit! Using it is certainly helpful at times.
    All I've had to do is download the file, and launch it.. that's odd.
  10. Scutilla

    Scutilla Terrarian

    Great tool, it looks like I'll be using this now that TEdit doesn't work for me any more. I miss TEdit's more graphical interface for inventory editing, but the list-based one is just as functional.

    A couple criticisms:

    When I start typing an item name into the search field there's usually a time lag before it spits back results (around five seconds). While not awful, it gets pretty annoying, especially when spawning a lot of items back-to-back. Any optimizations on this delay would be really appreciated.

    Currently the modifiers menu is a bit of a mess. Sorting them alphabetically and clarifying between mods that share a name (like Quick) like TEdit does would be a great help.
  11. Pinky

    Pinky Terrarian

    I only have one problem, when i open my player in the editor, it says there is a problem. Afterwards, the buffs menu isn't showing anything and the stats wont allow me to change it! Also, I can only edit my inventories hotbar, which sucks. How do you fix this?
  12. Sir WIlliam

    Sir WIlliam Terrarian

    Alright, this mod, when I select a player, it pops up an error sign. Then in the "Inventory" section, I can only edit the inventory, no armor edits, no equipment edits, and no money edits. The "Master Bait" will not show up for edit and anything after the Master Bait will not show up either. Then when I save, the error message pops up again. Something to note is that when editing the "Looks" section, the slot where the player shows up is completely black, "Buffs" is blank, and "Stats" are faded out and inaccessible.
  13. LuisNTFT

    LuisNTFT Terrarian

    Probably a really noobish question, but, I recently have bought terraria for pc, was curious as if you need an internet connection for a mod?
  14. MechaRogue

    MechaRogue Terrarian

    For those people to whom the error have occurred,Sometimes when you play with certain things in the inventory editor,it automatically cancels the character from its modification.After it cancels your character,your character will still be in the list but it will be unaccessible.This error normally occurs when you mess up with the Stats or Buffs,mostly stats.If this error ever occurs to you then you cannot edit your character with Terraria Iventory Editor anymore.If you want to still keep editing characters you should probably make a new one cause you can never edit the character to whom the error has occurred.Thank you and i hoped that i helped ^_^
    --- Double Post Merged, Dec 30, 2014 ---
    Please read my post and i hope i helped you out.
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    MISSINGNO Terrarian

    I wish this was easier to use while ingame
  16. MechaRogue

    MechaRogue Terrarian

    you cannot use it ingame as it will lead to problems

    MISSINGNO Terrarian

    What i meant was i wish you could use it while ingame, sorry for my english, i only live in between canada and murica
  18. MechaRogue

    MechaRogue Terrarian

    Oh its ok don't mind it
  19. Vashnik von Shinra

    Vashnik von Shinra Steampunker

    Actually, that's not entirely true. If the error occurs, simply open the character in Terraria and remove items that the editor doesn't quite support just yet (which is almost always the case for Terraria v1.2.4.1 having items that Terraria Inventory Editor or "Editor" 5.7.2 doesn't quite support just yet). Using an older character and searching the item list, I noticed these items were missing from the list:
    • Flesh Cloning Vat
    • Glass Kiln
    • Honey Dispenser
    • Ice Machine
    • Lihzahrd Furnace
    • Living Loom
    • Sky Mill
    • Steampunk Boiler
    • Golden Fishing Rod
    Upon loading a character you might notice that an error pops up "Well this is embarrassing..." etc. Simply put those problematic items (using the game of course) into a world chest and not the safe or piggy bank, since those are character specific chests and will create the same problem). Exit world and save. Open the character in the editor again and you should be able to resume editing your character, without having to creating a new one. If you're still receiving the error, check to see if you still have an unsupported item in your inventory, safe or piggy bank. Also, check to ensure that your Terraria character is supported by the current version of Terraria Inventory Editor.
    Example: Terraria v1.2.4.1 is supported by Terraria Inventory Editor 5.7.2 (in that you can open a freshly created character successfully), but does not support some items.

    There may be a few more items that I have yet to find missing from the Editor. Use a character that loads successfully and search the Editor's item list for the item you wish to add. If it's not there, but you can see it in-game, then it is an unsupported item and the author will need to update the Editor. If your character is completely outdated (as in, you've never even played the character in Terraria since the last update or last 5 updates) and you run into a character loading problem in the editor, just open the character in Terraria, pick a world, let the world load and when you see your character in the world, save and exit the world. Your character will then be updated to the Terraria version that you used to load the character with. A character will not be permanently blocked by the Editor, you just have to know what the problem is with your character (which usually ends up being an unsupported item or an unsupported character version). Any blocking the Editor does is merely temporary due to your character having an item or a version that isn't supported and thus, cannot handle, and can almost (99.9% of the time) always be fixed. I've yet to run into a permanent "block" by the Editor on any character I have created.
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  20. Ar7ific1al

    Ar7ific1al Terrarian

    As others have experienced, my player file will inexplicably not load. I am using the latest version of Terraria and the latest version of the inventory editor. It simply pops up the "Well this is embarrassing" error message. I allowed it to send the error.

    I can't tell anything in my inventory that would disallow me to use the editor on my player file. I tried ridding my inventory of a few squirrels, minecart tracks, and the Swordfish. The error still occurs so I have no idea what's causing it. "The given key was not in the dictionary" is what the error window says.

    EDIT: I loaded up a second player file that works, and began searching the in-application item database. The Bass is not present. I'll remove that from my inventory and see if it works.

    EDIT 2: The bass was indeed the culprit. I'm sure you're busy, but a fix would be wonderful. :p
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