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I'm sorry I can't speak English very well.
I will introduce it in Chinese.
Please copy Chinese words into translation.



左上方物块是防止spiked slime看到玩家而攻击玩家
中间放平台让spiked slime等生成的slime留在上面
没有床也是可以的,bed is not necessary



1:lie in bed
2:summon king slime
3:使用除了grenade的any weapon.你甚至可以用copper shortsword 击败king slime

have fun


Interesting. Why platforms on the bottom? I thought he spawned on platforms as readily as on blocks. Or is that mostly for ease of getting there during the slime rain?

有趣。 为什么平台在底部? 我以为他在平台上和在块上一样容易生成。 还是主要是为了在粘泥雨中轻松到达那里?

For others, here's the translation from Google Translate:

A brief description:
Divided into 3 parts from top to bottom

A: The above 5x11 blocks. Nothing to talk about
B: Leave 4 layers of nothing in the middle, nothing to talk about
C: The following 3x5 platforms+blocks+bed.

Part C:
The upper left block prevents the spiked slime from seeing the player and attacking the player
The upper right corner needs to be knocked into half bricks as shown in the picture
The intermediate platform allows the slime generated by spiked slime to stay on it
The purpose of the bed is to calibrate the position of the player so that the player can stand in the center.
It’s okay without a bed, bed is not necessary

The part under the bed doesn’t matter, it can be ground or air

The actual operation screen is as follows

Use any weapon other than grenade. You can even use copper shortsword to defeat king slime
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