tModLoader [1.4] Modifiers for Enemies!



A remake of my favorite terraria mod of all time (prefixes for enemies) that sadly became out of date in tmodloader v0.10. Original Idea and many concepts belong to Hiccup251 and Jofairden.


WHAT DOES IT DO: Any hostile enemy in the game has a chance to spawn with (possibly multiple) prefixes/modifiers that enhances their attacks. For example, a zombie can have a prefix that makes it have more armor and health, and also shoots fireballs at you every 5 seconds. Prefixed mobs also drop extra cool and customized loot. Kill rare enemies to get progression-based loot tokens that drop super strong weapons!

This mod adds another random and cool loot aspect of the game, as you can get really cool modded and vanilla items that progress as the game progresses. Additional prefixes are unlocked with game progression - and watch out for the dangerous suffixes, with game-changing abilities.

Did I mention, prefixes can STACK! That means you could encounter a burning blue slime, or a Burning Electrified Magma-Spitter Rare Blue Slime The Immortal! Both the effects and the LOOT can stack, so with bigger risk comes bigger reward!

You can fully configure the settings
(Spawn chance, loot, etc.) after downloading! Simply click on the cog in the bottom right of the mod in your mod manager.

There are currently:
  • 27 possible base stat changes
  • 25 special effects
  • 27 possible projectile modifications
  • 7 possible suffixes
  • And the chance of a rare enemy
meaning there are a total of 28 * 26 * 28 * 7 *2 =
285,376 variations of any given enemy

I'll update this with a wiki as soon as I can.

Modifiers for Enemies
Latest Download:
Mod Browser (in-game) - Direct-Link
Open to collaboration on GitHub

- distribution changes and full release
- Updated to tmodloader stable 1.4
- more balance changes
- fixed bug where coins weren't dropping
- changed name from "Prefixes for Enemies" to "Modifiers For Enemies"
- moved phantasmal dragon to hardMode
- added more loot tables and balancing
- fixed projectiles shooting with incorrect speeds (very fast if u were far away)
- more balance changes
- fixed rarities
- balanced spawn chances more
- hardmode locked some modifiers
- added configuration settings
- added suffixes
- added basic multiplayer support
- fixed some more issues
- Polish up Weapons
- Add more Weapons
- Add suffixes
- Add more prefixes
- Balance prefixes more
- Optimize for multiplayer
- Main developer/Spriter: saleguas
- Assistant Developer: Stats Captain#3423
- Assistant Spriter: Not Magolor#1191
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i vaguely recall seeing the mod this is based on. but i opted to use an RPG mod instead which did a lot of the same stuff and then some (blanking on the actual name)
just my thoughts
this mod is kinda broken
in expert mode 90% of projectiles deal 100+ damage (why not specific mob contact damage divided by x amount or something)
+non hostile NPCs, namely the sm0l critters get prefixes too (though they cant harm you even with projectiles)
the two i've seen that dont deal that much damage are the glowing mushroom modifier projectile (i believe its 60~ damage)
and the volcanic modifier projectile (but the burn damage is pretty much death anyways in the early early game)
scratch that there's a petal modifier too (which goes through walls)
the weapons gained from rare mobs are just as bad, they feel overpowered at least
-while they wont save you from the above projectiles most weapons offered = insta death for mobs you can actually get close too
on weapons
-hybrid blade and gunblade?
-gunblade doesnt have its right click function can only be used to shoot (not sure if intentional but it does so in a swinging motion)
-the boomerang weapon is awkward to use
-the hookshot bullet falls down right before making contact if** aimed at an enemy directly above you
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