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What types of items are you most interested in?

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A large portion of savegame data on my computer was corrupted beyond repair. This shop has now been shut down indefinitely.
@MetaKnight My character with your order was not corrupted, making your order the only one I can fill. We will set up a time and server for the trade.
If an admin could lock this thread, that would be great.

Hello and welcome to 14er's shop! You can buy (almost) every obtainable item in Terraria here!

My prices are dependent on a few things:
  • How rare the item is
  • How long it took me to get the item
  • If I have to run the server or not
  • The number of times I died getting the items
These are per item, for a multi-item order, I just add up the individual prices.

Current Specials:
3x Fishron Wings for 50 gold
1x Vampire Knives for 1 platinum
3x Goodie Bag for 50 gold *limited supply*
3x Present for 50 gold *limited supply*
Contains at least the following:
7 items/stacks
1 Lime or better item
2 Red or better items

Items I do not offer:
Developer Gear
Gravity Globe
White Tuxedo
Steampunk Wings
Items that are not in the PC edition of Terraria
Removed Items
Unobtainable Walls
Any other unobtainable items that I forgot the mention

I will get back to you ASAP, and figure out the price, time, and server for the sale.
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What do you want for Mythril bricks and/or walls or gold bricks and/or walls? Or just mythril ore/bars or gold ore/bars.
50 of each for 75 gold?
100 of each for 1 platinum?
500 of each for 4 platinum?
I'm talking the ores

1 platinum if I need to host the server.

Let me know what you think!
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Let's say up to 5000 of each ore, for a total of 40 platinum, and 1 more platinum if I need to host the trade server.
(I know that's a lot, I've had the multi-character and world setup all surrounding the same main base since 1.2.4 came out!)
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right now. the platinum is in an ocean chest by spawn. Put the items In there please
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