2 Post special!!! AMA

If you could turn into any 3 fictional creatures, what 3 would you turn into and why?
(Note: you would be able to switch between those 3 forms at will, but lose the ability to return to your normal form by any and all means.)
Will you be my friend, in a lonely world of unfriendly and unappreciated people?

Also, what are your opinions on this word: Grubby
Who are your 3 favorite NPCs, and favorite quotes from each of them?
1. Squire slime, all the quotes suck I just like the squire slime

2. The wizard, "Funny, when I look far enough into the crystal ball, this is where every customer ends up!" (In the graveyard biome btw)

3. The steampunker, "Should I become an air pirate? I've considered becoming an air pirate." So true bestie
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How do you feel about maggots?
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