Official 2014 ReLogic Terraria Halloween Contest Entry Thread

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My haunted / corrupted castle monstrosity... This was done on Mobile, by the way.
My humble entry to the Halloween contest.
Platform: PC
Concept/Inspiration: Attempt at a Terraria back story, why we start out with the Guide and have to do things to get the rest of the NPCs

I built a cursed inn and house. The poor Bride lost her husband not long after they married and she sold her soul to save him. Upon her death, the Bride, her house, and the small inn she ran with her husband were transported to Hell to burn for eternity. The people residing in the cursed inn at the time were scattered across the world and reappeared slowly as a new Hero came to find them all. Her husband, in fact, is the first person to return, welcoming the Hero at the time of their world creation.

Hello! Here's my entry for the contest, among so many awesome projects.

- Crossing of Evils, for Terraria PC. Came from me thinking that battles are not always between good and evil.
The worst ones can be between bad things competing to see which one gets to overcome the last breath of goodness, slowly taking everything over.

I'd like to mention and thank my dear friends Byansk, Lennon and Pere, who helped me by getting lots and lots and lots of blocks.

Built everything in-game, except that pointy base. Multiple screenshots put together to form the main image. You can see lots of incredible fish-me around.
(bonus if you find me on fire).
ENOUGH TALKING here are the screenshots. Last 4 are close-ups.

Thanks, and good luck to you all! :)

Ps. Main image in higher res can be downloaded here: (dropbox public link).





What platform you used: PC
Your concept & Inspiration: A haunted house inspired by the Victorian styled mansions (with wood panelling) often used in horror movies (e.g. Dark Shadows). In the cave there is a machine for creating live (the Bride of Frankenstein).
It's a solo build and everything is build in-game.

Platform P.C.


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Hi everyone I'm excited to share my build with you. I've been working on it pretty much since the contest was announced.
Platform: PC
Concept: I went with the idea of a whole evening of Halloween themed entertainment. So it starts off pretty tame with a huge hay maze and only a miner's helmet to light your way through, then is followed with a hellish minecart ride (with a little Indiana Jones flare), and finishes with a full haunted house experience including spooky rooms, puzzles, traps, and treasures. Overall I think this took me about 60 hours between gathering (something like 15,000 hay blocks for starters) the materials and hand placing everything, but I had a great time building it all. If you can make sure to view it in full 1080p :) Thanks for inspiring me to create this and good luck to everyone and their awesome creations!

Mine is about a Giant Pumpkin Demon appeared into surface.
Platform: PC
Concept & Inspiration:
A Giant Pumpkin Demon appeared into surface for halloween ready to eat everyone.
It has reddish color because it grew from hell as pumpkin. It has giant size because it was planted in the deepest depth of hell. The teeth it has is used to eat anything which went inside its mouth.

Inspired from bloody things.





Here's my contest entry. It's a giant corrupt tower thing I've been starting building this since just after this contest was announced. I didn't really have an inspiration for this build, I just made it up as I went along, making it spooky along the way, adding a ghost, cobwebs, spooky branches and some corruption as well. I think it actually turned out pretty good to be honest, something to look back and be proud of. This entry was built on the mobile version. (Sorry I couldn't embed it, it doesn't allow me to with everyplay videos, any ideas to help with that?)
Hey everyone. This is my entry for the 2014 halloween spooky build in Terraria. It's not much, but I thought there's no harm in entering. Some more dedicated people have built whole solar system sized builds, so great work to you guys! (And thanks for making my build look like crap...) ;( It's a creepy deserted mansion being invaded by a huge pixel art zombie! Hope you like it. PEACE OUT, FOLKS!;)
Hey guys, this is my entry for the Terraria 2014 Spooky Halloween Contest!
My Entry is a spooky pumpkin mansion (made almost entirely out of pumpkins). The first picture is of my farm/arena/mini pumpkin, which is where I grew the pumpkins I needed, fought bosses to buy the seeds, and made a mini pumpkin because I wanted to. The second picture is of the creepy pumpkin mansion itself (made of approximately 1,000 pumpkin blocks). Please remember that I am not a very experienced builder, and when this was made I was limited on resources as I had started a new world and only just defeated Skeletron! Thanks!

A 1:1 replica of the first stage of Castlevania in Terraria made for the Halloween contest.

It took me 7 hours to make this project using Tedit, but for that i got most details down (exact position of windows, staircases, etc.)

I used a base unit of 3 blocks to make the map (for scaling reasons) which meant I couldn't get the stairs exactly the same.

This was a one man project and I'm proud of how it came out.

(Also, the vid is exactly 1 min long... phew...)
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*Sigh*, this took a while to make, but I'm really happy with how it turned out in the end.

I really like Halloween and everything that comes with it, movies to the whole "mood" and style. That's where I started my build at.
All of the curvy structures, along with asymmetry is the way I thought I'd go. Inspiration came, I guess from all of the movies, pictures and stuff I've seen related to the Halloween and "horror" - so I took my notebook, and started drawing at first... Afterwards it ended up with a village which tries to protect itself from the ghosts of the Halloween at the bottom of the hill. Obviously - the main "danger" comes from the castle itself.

Oh, and... since the game is full of Sandworms, I added one which I really like and which scared me when I was a kid. :p (I wonder will someone know where's it from...) So, better don't go beyond the graveyard!

Platform: PC
Team: Well, I guess myself.
Software used: tEdit for alignment of the hill itself and some minor fixes for the clouds, and that's pretty much it. (As the build itself took me about 80+ hours at least)

Note: Images are kinda big, so, watch out. :p

Minimap view: (Logo was added too, as it looks simply awesome so I tried to recreate it without "drawing it on the map")



Castle and the hill:

Whole build overview:

That would be it! This build was really a lot of fun and I hope this kind of contests will be held more often. ^^
Good look to everyone who already posted their entries!
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