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Official 2014 ReLogic Terraria Halloween Contest Entry Thread

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Greetings 2014 Halloween Contest Participants! This thread will serve as the place for you to post your entries. For details and rules, please check out the main thread for the 2014 Halloween Contest.

As a reminder, all entries must be either images or a short video (embed it please) of no more than 60s.

A brief explanation of your entry would also be great, including:

What platform you used (PC/Console/Mobile)?
Your concept & Inspiration
If you are a team, team member list?

Any non-entries posted here will be removed. If you want to discuss entries or the contest itself, please use the main contest thread. Otherwise, we will send these two guys out to find you.

Good Luck!!!
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Headless Horseman
My Version of a Blood/Vampire Mage-Tower with:

-Treasure room (I also put my Human test subjects there)
-Secret Entrance (There is a switch on the floating island to open the treasure room and then you can go up the stairs there is also a lever on the stairs to open it from the inside)
-a working Portal to Earth
-Shroom-Dudes House (I planted a manipulated Glowshroom near my Tower and he grew with it so i made him my Assistant, the RP is real)
-In the top is the Bedroom and under it the Livingroom/Hangout room with a bloodpool, honey dispenser (i love me some honey) and fireplace (being fancy and drinking out of wine glasses)
-The Runes in the middle part are supposed to "elevate" you to the upper rooms magic, yo
-eternal darkness (because it is so high up)
-low gravity (weeeeeeee!)

I was inspired by frankenstein's castle and the Mushroom NPC being Igor was a good idea to make him a home at my tower.

This was build on PC.

I hope you like it!


Mage Tower.png
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I'm not the best builder in the world, but I thought I might have a shot at third place, at least.
(I started building as soon as this contest was posted.)
Ignore the background being wonky, just imagine that Slenderman was watching while I was taking the picture.
Evil doesn't like windows.
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Not necessarily so much Halloween-themed as just general spooky, but I figured, hey, let's make a fleshy tree house for this thing.

Platform: PC

Hopefully the Bone Platforms aren't a reason for DQ. I mean, I've never found them in-game, so in a way they're "unobtainable" but they were also totally shown off in the original 1.2 Trailer so I'm hoping they're okay to use here?
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