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A brief phillippic against the appearance of the Void Vault.

Mental Mouse

Note that I have no complaint about the functionality here, the extra storage and the Void Bag's pickup ability is great!

But that Vault is a serious eyesore. Anywhere you put it, it's the brightest thing on the screen, and forget about painting it! And while the color kinda goes with demon lighting or Corruption, it jars with everything else. This doesn't look like a place to stash your stuff, it looks like it's about to start spewing eldritch horrors. In fact, the Mysterious Portals aren't that conspicuous. Heck, even the Ancient Cultist isn't that conspicuous, nor is his arcane sigil (despite being on fire)!

This does apply to likewise the Void Bag's temporary portal, but at least that is, well, temporary. The Void Vault is clearly meant to be a long-term installation... but it's so garish that anyone who cares what the rest of their base looks like is well-advised to skip the Vault entirely, and just get at their stuff through the Void Bag.

By comparison, the Pylons are about the same size, and also mostly unpaintable -- but those are meant to be singular items and transport hubs, so making them conspicuous makes sense (and yet, they're not as conspicuous as the Void Vault). But the Void Vault is a glorified piggy bank. It's storage, and despite the Bag's pickup ability, it holds no more than any chest. Flashy is one thing, but the Vault should not look like it's The Most Important Thing On The Screen.

End of rant...

My suggestion, obviously, is to make it less garish, or at least much less glowy. And ideally, paintable.
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I noticed this myself. My solution has just been to not use the vault and stick to the bag, but it'd be better to make it paintable.


I guess since it's made at an evil Altar, it kinda fits that it's out of place. I've most of the time only ended up using the temporary one for storage.


Very well worded. And thanks for teaching us the word phillippic.

I actually wish the Void Bag would despawn a lot faster for these reasons.


I just never use the vault as a utility item, only as decoration. For accessing the void I always use the bag
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