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Puzzle A Cancelled map project


So along time ago i posted a reddit post about a map im working on,now it's cancelled,but im gonna comeback to it at somepoint,so im just gonna post it here for people to see

(Also some things may not work as intended/break or something may look very out of place but ill hopefully fix it when i rework on the map)


  • Spooky Mansion.zip
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Dont give up man
ik its hard to make a good adventure map (me be makin one aswell)
just do it slowly but steady
Thx bro,i hopefully do be coming back to this project at some point,i just need to learn a more advanced way of wiring and stuff (is there like a wiring/mechanic community server or something cuz i really need one)


is there like a wiring/mechanic community server or something cuz I really need one
On the forums there is a wiring community here: [T-MEC], where you can find pretty cool stuff and maybe make requests. The wiki has some basic information if you just need the basics. Also I think Khaios has a couple in his first few videos (sort by oldest) that helps with things like moving platforms and whatnot (might be in this playlist). I hope this helps!
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