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Mobile A fairly common bug

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I got the splitting bug that most mobile players know, and for those who dont, its the bug where you try and split 2 items and end up with 255 and 1 instead of 1 and 1, and recently this happened to me, and i have no idea how, i was just buying some stuff from the tinkerer, and then this happened, i highly doubt it but is there a fix for this? I tried re installing the game, it was still there, i tried going to a new world, it was atill there, different character, still there


Do you have a modded or pirated version of the game? In 1.3 this was exclusively an issue with pirated copies which is why I’m asking

DV Game

Its not modded, its base terraria but pirated yeah
oh. that's normal, just turn off Cheat For Infinite Items.
or download the version without these cheats. and buy terraria someday

I know what I am saying. I had Pirated Mobile Version (now I have bought one), and this one contained this cheat. But I could turn it off, probably you can't.
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Its not modded, its base terraria but pirated yeah
We cannot give support for pirated versions of the game, and discussion of pirated versions of the game should be avoided in general.

If you are getting this bug from a pirated version of the game, it is not valid for a bug report.

For this reason, we have locked this Thread. Details about our policy on piracy & hacking can be read here and must be followed: Important - Policy clarification concerning Piracy and Scam Links
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