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    Dunno, with the final update for 1.2.4 now on XboxOne, fall dmg seems to properly apply, now i did have beetle armor but still... 1dmg is 1dmg
    Now to get the down hoik to work properly and find a dmg dealer in 1.2.4 to make this worthwhile
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    Is anyone still listening on this thread? I see a lot of nice designs posted (zerogravitas is my idol), but I can't seem to find any cheese machine examples that work pre-hardmode, let alone from day 1.

    Using the info from this thread, I have devised a hoik-only, pre-hardmode, day-1 cheese machine that delivers the requisite 2 points of fall damage. Employing all pre-hardmode passive regen options (regen band, campfire, heart lantern, honey, and regen potion) still causes life to be lost, but only at about 1 hp per second, so I'm pretty sure that the net hp loss can be covered by healing potions with plenty of time to spare for healing sickness.

    Using the machine, I killed the brain and skeletron reasonably quickly without taking any damage (other than from the cheese machine itself), and was never in danger of dying.

    Yes, the starfury makes things much easier. I leave it as an exercise for the reader to find other weapons that work well (the hoik loop *is* totally open on both sides).

    If anyone is interested, I can post the design, although it's incredibly simple. Just a loop made of two 10-tooth tall hoik columns (with the necessary two-block space separating them), 20 teeth in total. The teeth in each column are always vertically spaced to have two blocks in between, with a single exception of a gap with only one block in between (that can be incorporated into the column pretty much anywhere you want). So the two columns of teeth are 29 blocks tall, with the necessary ceiling at 30 blocks high (so that the sideways hoik kicks in). There is a small honey pool at the bottom, a campfire on top of the ceiling, and a heart lantern hanging from the ceiling.
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    @That_Guy Cool!
    I can already imagine what it looks like, but pictures are always appreciated. :) (That way, anybody can quickly and easily build it)
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    Skeletron never stood a chance. The fact that he tries to get up in your face quite a bit makes it easy, even without the starfury. Just wave any decent melee weapon when he gets close.

    I haven't yet tried widening the loop to find the limit where invulnerability from the fall damage expires, but this still works pretty well if you have a few healing potions.

    Defense should be around 15 or 16 (whatever yields two points of fall damage per trip around the loop before regen effects [campfire, honey, etc] are applied), and a regen band and regen potion should be used. This makes life drop at a rate (about 1hp/sec) such that the time spent in the hoik loop should only be limited by the amount of healing potions in your inventory, since the amount of hp lost during healing sickness should work out to be less than the life restored by a healing potion.

    The main reason I love this is because it can be made so early in the game. The heart crystal (to make the lantern) and two buckets of honey are the only things you'd even have to work for, since the required defense could be achieved really early with ironskin potions.

    I should mention that I'm only using this particular setup pre-hardmode. Hardmode regen options (especially the cross necklace) should allow for a much wider loop that doesn't require potions, nor regen band. I'll post that upgraded machine once I build it :)

    Crap - I almost forgot to mention the other big reason I love this. It works in multiplayer! All the cheese machines that need wiring (especially teleporters) seem to fail intermittently when in multiplayer, but this works flawlessly, at least so far.

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    I have to give credit to stefnotch - this wound up being really similar to your version with the cross necklace. Wish I'd seen that first before building from scratch (the images didn't load for me until I registered my account so I could post my machine). Well, OK, I *did* have the useful descriptions here in this thread :)

    I'm going to try some crazy wiring to get only the next tooth in line to be actuated, and to automatically turn off when past, like zerogravitas mentioned (and you implemented fairly well).
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    The good news: Turning on each hoik tooth on approach and turning it off once past was a little trickier than anticipated, but it finally works!

    The bad news: As suspected, it completely fails to work properly in multiplayer, like all machines using wiring that require precise timing. Must be some server timing glitch.

    The wiring uses weighted pressure plates on the upward journey, and is pretty straightforward. At the top, we also use weighted pressure plates to keep the ceiling turned on when necessary. On the way back down, things get a little more tricky, with regular grey pressure plates turning on the approaching hoik tooth, while simultaneously turning off the receding hoik tooth. The very bottom hoik tooth is left alone, so as to not mess with the honey pool.

    Also, if you build this machine, take very close note of which hoik teeth are actuated, and which are not. If your picture doesn't exactly match mine, I cannot guarantee it will work. Speaking of which, I noticed a weird glitch involving hoiking downward through platforms. I had to adjust the vertical spacing of the downward teeth many times before I found an exact spacing that would allow a player to pass through the platforms without getting stuck. Even the same tooth spacing, moved one total block higher (or lower) would cause a player to get stuck. Figuring that one out really sucked. So build it exactly as shown, or it probably won't work.

    I was originally going to make a wider hardmode version of this machine to take advantage of the cross necklace, but on second thought, I probably won't bother. As it stands, the maximum time someone can spend in the machine without dying is only limited by the amount of regen and healing potions in the player's inventory. Hardmode accessories (moon charm, etc) that improve regen may likely prove to be enough to eliminate the need for potions altogether (I'll get back to you on that one :) )
    ActuatedCheese.jpg ActuatedCheeseWiring.jpg
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    BTW, to make my machine work in Expert Mode requires 10 defense AND well-fed, so you need 8 defense and some food to make it work. Yes, I still use this thing. Slime mount tricks are too unreliable.