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PC A simple way to fight Empress of Light


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This is a simple method to fight Empress of Light in the day time without much effort to dodge. As Mechanical Cart is needed, it does not work well in normal world.
The arena:
Two minecart tracks (3 or 4 blocks distance) about as long as the world, and one track linking to the hallow, the height is recommended to be lower than the Harpy spawn height to prevent Wyverns, and higher than the surface to prevent other mobs.
Closer look:
Each small rails on the upper track allow you to go to the lower one by press down, around 100~150 blocks distance.
The turning around is two teleporters with 200 blocks distance (using two pressure tracks for better performance, as one may sometimes fail).

Items needed:
Mechanical Cart is a must, Hallowed armor set is highly recommended, Brain of confusion and Black Belt could be used but not very reliable. other damage increasing items like avengers emblem or even a Lucky Copper Watch is recommended.
For weapons, a homing weapon is highly recommended, The Razorblade Typhoon is one of the best weapons of this, Spectre Staff or a decent gun with Chlorophyte Bullets may also be OK. Should you choose a magic weapon, Mana Regeneration potion is recommended. Other damage increasing potions like Rage, Wrath could also be used.

The fight:
Summon her in the hallow, the run in the cart in the top speed.
Just keep firing in the first phase, the in the second phase, some dodge is needed:
This attack: DO NOT jump.
This attack: Jump after a few seconds, then press down when it ends to get back to the lower track.
This attack: Jump immediately, then press down when it ends.

Other things to notice:
you may want to fight her in the night for some practices, also, there is a danger that turning back may hit her Everlasting Rainbow, you may need to change the length of the whole track to avoid this.
Also there is a very small chance that she may despawn.
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