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I made the Terra Spear!(btw I dont know what type of spear this is classified as):
(also I feel something is off with it but I cant quite tell what....)
Greetings, I worked on a mod but it got canceled so I'm looking for something to do.

  • I'm not familiar with the terraria and tmod library but I know coding to a certain degree
  • Here's a sprite work (2 sprites in 1)
    a guy named odran gave me some ideas wich the finnished result was made of (the yellow)
  • don't mind testing either

Assign me to anything
a writer for bmod wanted! (for writing little story for bosses and prefix's on weapons)(with boss story's I honestly only have basic concepts) though ill only have 1 or 2 writers which I will make the person that makes the best story for chrontasim a writer in bmod(chronstasim is a boss that in concept is a experiment of combining alien tech with modern tech)

also ill most times bring fourth all things made in a day in one post at the end of each day if sprites were done of things im not keeping low profile on.(I will likely when I make bosses keep low profile on their drops but not the bosses themselves when it comes to look)
I could be a writer for you...
I wouldn't mind it. Do you have any sort of concept that you want? I've had my stories mentioned in a couple of books so I think i could help you out.
Ben, I'm not sure if I'm a developer or not (probably not) but I did want to submit one of my sprites I just made, I really like it..


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Ben, I'm not sure if I'm a developer or not (probably not) but I did want to submit one of my sprites I just made, I really like it..

Be a spriter and a developper is not the same thing ^^. After for me, i found your sprite "correct" (because i am not spriter!) but i think, you can darken maybe the guard of your sword, for see :x

(Sorry if you do not understand me , >< )
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In my mind: For me :
This is normal, because, for me, the spriter need also give a clear idea of the weapon! The coder is not the spriter! And send me a better projectile because i have just cut your sword for that xD .
For the green thing, i can change that, but, you want what?
For BMod, probably, if he accept xD (I am coder in this mod, so, probably? )
And this is not a public mod, where i work :p
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