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PC Accented Gemspark Blocks


In 1.4 it was made so gemspark blocks connect to other blocks. Gemspark blocks were cool in a way where it didn't connect to other blocks, and it doesn't look very good when connected to other blocks. Some builds were based around that non-connection feature, would be nice to see accented gemspark blocks that didn't connect to other blocks, and could be very useful for building.
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The Painter
Tbh I think accented forms don't need to actually exist, just revert the change. Those who wanna use gemsparks for pixel art without them separating can just use white gemspark with paint.

But if they don't revert, then we'll take the accented forms, I guess.


Official Terrarian
These aren't the only blocks that were altered because of the new mechanic changes. sandstone slab did not receive an accent block either despite stone slab receiving one.

I have messaged leinfors about this to share my concerns with him, but it seems he isn't interested in relaying this message to the developers seeing as I have not received any response from Leinfors.

I hope more concerns are brought up about this because as it stands, the staff do not care about restoring what was working well before 1.4

El Capitan

Gemsparks were another block that were introduced in 1.2.3 which in 6 years of it's introduction until 1.4 have stayed the same. I have seen a great amount of builds that utilized the mechanics of the partitions created between blocks that gemspark offered when placed beside different blocks.

If relogic respected it's dedicated builders and pixel artists, they would revert the block mechanics and coding to what we had before.

It's insulting we don't even get any accent blocks to correct what their customers have created over the past years.

the thread linked above also addresses the concerns made in this thread.

Good luck with trying to reach out to the developers. I'm angry that I have spent three times the hours complaining about these errors in development rather than see them corrected.
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