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Wavebank Ace Combat Wave Bank + extra

With the release of 1.4, I finally got around to augmenting my old Ace Combat wavebank with tracks from AC7 and its DLC. I also took advantage of the addition of the Otherworld soundtrack to add in an alternate soundtrack from a different series entirely. With that work done, may I present my new Ace Combat wavebank!

1 Night AC4 Sitting Duck
2 Eerie AC0 Hresvelgr intro
3 Overworld Day 1 AC4 Blockade
4 Boss 1 AC7 DLC Sighthound
5 Title 1 AC7 DLC Awakening
6 Jungle Day AC0 B7R
7 Corruption AC4 Breaking Arrows 1
8 Hallow AC0 Glacial Skies
9 Underground Corruption AC4 Breaking Arrows 2
10 Underground Hallow AC5 Ancient Walls
11 Boss 2 AC7 Sol Squadron
12 Underground 1 AC5 Reprisal
13 Boss 3 AC7 Two-Pronged Strategy
14 Snow AC4 Emancipation
15 Space Night AC7 Lighthouse
16 Crimson AC7 Magic Spear 1
17 Boss 4 AC0 Excalibur
18 Overworld Day 2 AC4 Deep Strike
19 Rain AC6 Siplifield
20 Underground Ice AC5 Ice Cage
21 Desert Surface AC0 The Round Table
22 Ocean Day AC5 First Flight
23 Dungeon AC5 Chain Reaction
24 Plantera AC0 The Stage of Apocalypse
25 Boss 5 AC7 Tail Man
26 Temple AC5 Solitaire
27 Eclipse AC7 Space Elevator
28 Rain SFX -
29 Mushrooms AC5 Closure
30 Pumpkin Moon AC7 Dragon Breath
31 Underground 2 AC6 Invasion of Gracemeria
32 Frost Moon AC7 Daredevil
33 Underground Crimson AC7 Magic Spear 2
34 Lunar Event AC5 The Unsung War
35 Pirate Invasion AC5 Naval Blockade
36 Underworld AC7 Transfer Orders
37 Martian Madness AC7 ADFX-10
38 Moon Lord AC0 Zero
39 Goblin Army AC0 Hresvelgr
40 Sandstorm AC0 Contact
41 Old One's Army AC7 DLC Alicorn
42 Space Day AC5 White Bird 1
43 Ocean Night AC5 Fortress
44 Windy Day AC7 Battle for Farbanti
45 Wind SFX -
46 Town Day AC6 The Liberation of Gracemeria
47 Town Night AC5 Free Flight
48 Slime Rain AC7 DLC Anchorhead Raid
49 Music Contest AC4 Megalith Agnus Dei
50 Journey's End Intro AC0 Morgan (shortened)
51 Journey's End AC5 Briefing 2
52 Storm AC7 DLC Singularity
53 Graveyard AC7 Hush
54 Underground Jungle AC7 Stonehenge Defensive
55 Jungle Night AC7 Gunther Bay
56 Queen Slime AC7 DLC Mimic - Rage & Scream
57 Empress of Light AC7 Archange (shortened)
58 Duke Fishron AC5 Hrimfaxi
59 Morning Rain AC5 White Noise
60 Console Title AC5 Winter Storm
61 Underground Desert AC7 Three of a Kind

62-88: Otherworld soundtrack - Metroid Prime trilogy
62 Rain MP Tallon Overworld 2
63 Day MP Tallon Overworld 1
64 Night MP2 Temple Grounds
65 Underground MP3 Bryyo
66 Desert MP Chozo Ruins
67 Ocean MP2 Torvus Bog Hydrodynamo
68 Mushroom MP Menu Theme
69 Dungeon MP3 Pirate Homeworld
70 Space MP3 Skytown
71 Hell MP Magmoor Caverns
72 Snow MP Phendrana Ambience
73 Corruption MP2 Agon Wastes
74 Underground Corruption MP2 Dark Agon Wastes
75 Crimson MP2 Dark Torvus
76 Underground Crimson MP2 Ing Hive
77 Ice MP Phendrana Drifts
78 Underground Hallow MP Chozo Ruins Temple
79 Eerie MP Title Theme
80 Boss 1 MP Parasite Queen
81 Boss 2 MP Meta Ridley
82 Event MP2 Space Pirates
83 Lunar Event MP Trilogy title theme
84 Moon Lord MP Metroid Prime phase 2
85 Plantera MP2 Chykka Adult
86 Jungle MP2 Torvus Bog
87 Wall of Flesh MP2 Ing Battle
88 Hallow MP Artifact Temple


Feel free to offer suggestions, especially for the new bosses, as I haven't gotten a chance to fight them yet and don't want to spoil myself.
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