tModLoader Achievements Libs - A mod that allow you to add custom achievement!

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  1. Dradonhunter11

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    Hello everyone!

    I've been working for quite a while on a new mod that allow you to add new achievement to the game without breaking current system.
    This mod unlike my previous mod give you the option to use mod call instead of having to extend it directly, but you can also reference them if it's easier for you.

    Table of content :
    1 - Presentation
    2 - Visual
    3 - Current Implemented feature
    4 - Missing feature for release
    4 - ModCall (at release)
    5 - Download
    6 - Credit

    Presentation of achivements libs

    Achievement libs is your newest and favorite modded achievement manager, it allow you to make modded achivement basically.
    But those achievement are not like other achievement, you can actually give reward to the player with them. It can be an item, a list of item, death trap or even world gen stuff! The possibility are unlimited!


    The achievements libs menu is currently entirely written by hand. This took actually a really long time to get at that result :p



    Current Implemented feature

    - mod.Call("AddAchievementWithoutReward", this, string name, string description, string texturePath, condition);
    - Custom reward
    - Automatic item reward showing
    - Automatic texture loading
    - Integration into in game setting menu
    - Showing completition at cursor
    - Showing from wich mod it come from at cursor

    Missing feature
    - Mod filter

    The mod is not ready for release for now

    Dradonhunter11 The man that made this possible :p
    blushiemagic, jopojelly and the rest of tmodloader team for creating tmod and being awesome!
    jopojelly with help of some code
    RE-Logic for making this awesome game!
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  2. Dradonhunter11

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    Reserving for changelog, also sorry for bad english
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  3. KBitegp

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    how to make modded Terraria feel even more similiar to vanilla:
    good job!
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  4. Dradonhunter11

    Dradonhunter11 Official Terrarian

    I decided to remake UI entirely and at same time added mod icon support
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  5. Huzbubber Tim

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    Cool! I was actually thinking of adding custom achievements to my mod once I start making it (if TModLoader ever gets patched for the Mac/Gog version), and I think this will help a lot! Nice mod!
  6. Dradonhunter11

    Dradonhunter11 Official Terrarian

    Yeah, last time I recall they don't have any plan to support GoG, tough they do support the steam mac version of it.
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  7. Dradonhunter11

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    Quick update on thing
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  8. Quixel

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  9. hamstar

    hamstar Steampunker

    Could you clarify the Mod.Call parameters a bit more? What is the mod's internal name?
  10. Dradonhunter11

    Dradonhunter11 Official Terrarian

    Oh yeah, mod internal name is AchievementLibs for the call. I just remember I forgot to actually update the thread as there is another call implemented in the mod, wich allow to give reward. Rn there is only 2 missing feature that are needed, aka back button and the mod filter.
  11. Dradonhunter11

    Dradonhunter11 Official Terrarian

    Update on thing, except a release this week :D
  12. Huzbubber Tim

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    Hey, just wondering, is this mod still being continued? It's been a while since the last update and I'm just wondering if it's still being worked on or not.
  13. Dradonhunter11

    Dradonhunter11 Official Terrarian

    Yeah, still have couple thing to fix, need to test MP too. I've been focusing on dimension a lot recently.
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  14. Huzbubber Tim

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    Ok cool, just wanted to double check because this mod seems really neat