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Add "Traveling Merchant is about to leave soon" message


As it says in the title.

I think i am not the only one who has problem with it. You're focused on digging/exploring in the search of some item or fishing for Angler quest, then the message pops up. Yeah, you forgot that TM was here, right? And now those items you could have bought are gone until the next time.
Considering that he has very trivial condition for leaving — being off screen at exactly 6:00PM — a simple line of code (at least i guess it's simple) would solve this issue. Make TM announce that he's packing his stuff at 5:00PM, so players would be duly notified about their last chance to teleport back to the base and make purchase today.

I’ve been so massively annoyed at this and yet I never thought of such a simple solution. I think this would be a huge quality of life improvement for how easy it would be to add


Eye of Cthulhu
its actually a REALLY good idea, well, if your not in endgame then you dont really care but when you actually need him then it would be a blessing.


Your idea could actually replace the announcement that he has left.

If you are told he will be departing soon, an in-game hour before he leaves, then you don't need the announcement that he has left too. You already know that he will be gone soon. And three announcements for him would be a tiny bit spammy, in my opinion.

:merchantwink: For now, something that could help people with this problem is the 'Potion of Return'. You need lava fishing to fish Obsidifish to make them. They return you to your spawn (so you can go see the salesman), and create a one-use portal at your spawn that takes you right back where you were exploring.
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