Add wood or blocks to Fishing Crates' drop pool.


Duke Fishron
If I just broke a Pearlwood crate apart to get at the goods inside, you know what I now have in addition to those goods?

Some Pearlwood. :p

I mean the crate's material is lying right there for the taking. It's a few nice planks, at least. Plus, who wouldn't want some free Pearlwood?! I know I would!

Boreal or Frozen crates would drop Boreal wood.
Dungeon creates would drop their respective color Dungeon Brick.
Mirage Crates would drop Smooth Sandstone.

.. and so on.


Empress of Light
Yeah, I support this. If you're spending a lot of time doing fishing, a task which is pretty slow and menial, I feel like tossing you some extra stuff to build with in the meantime would be pretty harmless, and very convenient.
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