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Jack Morgan

Skeletron Prime
Well, wasn't going to post this at first, but to hell with it.

So, my fellow humans, you may have noticed by now there's an uncomfortable selection of commonish debuffs that we are not protected from by the beloved ankh shield. So, what are we going to do about this? Probably not much, honestly. But a man can dream. Introducing:


Reassuring Brooch
Type: Accessory

Tooltip: "Shiny! You feel protected."
Sell Price: 8

Obtainable: Either a drop from the Hallowed Mimic, to make up for the other two having their own accessories,
Crafted with 20 Hallowed Bars and 20 Souls of Light at a hardmode anvil.
( Open to suggestions on this bit. )

Function: Whenever you would normally obtain a debuff, there is a 50% chance that you do not. This gives you some added protection against things that the Ankh Shield doesn't cover, such as Blackout, On Fire!, Electrified, ect. But, there's still a 50% chance it doesn't do anything. Actually, that's not true. It lowers debuff times to only 75%.

HOWEVER: It does not work against "environmental" or potion debuffs. What do I mean by that? Potion Sickness, Mana Sickness, Burning, Chaos State, ect. are not affected, and you still gotta deal with 'em. You get the idea.

So, that's all for this sugg- I lied. Everyone loves tinkers.

Brooch shield.png

Reassuring Shield
Type: Accessory

Defense: 4
Tooltip: "Can't touch this."
Sell Price: 10

Obtainable: Tinkered with the Brooch and the Paladin's Shield.

Function: Alongside the effects of both, the wearer of the shield also gains a 50% chance to take a debuff inflicted on a friend. Like the normal PS effect, but with debuffs. The wearer still gets his 50% chance that the debuff they're taking is cancelled.

I'd like to note that neither of these stack with the Ankh shield. You can pick a universal resistance, or a selective immunity.

Well, that's all from me. Feel free to leave some criticism.
dang...im a little upset that ill have to choose. I guess I can use both separately. ahnk for singleplayer, this for multiplayer.
Ahem, I was thinking of a few other tinker options, so I added a poll to see what you guys thought. I'll check back later.
I see no reason for them both to not be usable at once. If you're willing to use two accessory slots just for debuff negation you should be able to.
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