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Amplifying Accesory Modifiers

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I came up with an idea for an item that increases the power of your accessory modifiers, which I think would fit into the game pretty well.

Name | Type | Tooltip
Amplification Ring | Accessory | 'Boosts the effects of Accesory modifiers'

When worn, the Amplification Ring will increase the effectiveness of you Accesory modifiers by 2. For example, if you are wearing 3 accessories with these modifiers: Menacing (+4% dmg), Fleeting (+2% spd), and Armored (+3 def), you will instead get +6% dmg, +4% spd, and +5 def.

(x2), &

Side Notes:
• The Amplification Ring boosts its own modifier
• 'Arcane' would be increased to 30 mana

Feedback is always appreciated :pinky:

EDIT: Increased the boost amount from 1 to 2


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I increased the boost amount to 2 and 10 (for arcane), I didn't realize how small the boosts would be. Also, in expert mode you can obtain an extra trinket slot which make this much more useful.


Official Terrarian
To be completely honest, this accessory is wasted on anyone not going for only 1 Modifier. You can get this extremely early (7 Silver/Tungsten Bars + 5 of a variety of gems are not hard to acquire), so any boost will be extremely minimal early on, and the Arcane buff would be almost negligible considering consistent Mana Regen and Magic Power aren't going to be handily available early with the bonus 10 Mana.
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