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Answers for Crowno's (at the time of posting) question.

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1) Do you think that games using Pixel Art only appeals to "retro" people?

Yes and no. Yes because I feel retro people will enjoy those types of games more... but no because I was never a "retro" gamer per-say, I just enjoy these types of games because, well... feel this is gonna take another comment or two to say...
I enjoy the art style of pixel art because of 3 reasons.

1. It seems so easy to make pixel art to ignorant people, but when they try it themselves, they realize it is a lot f*cking harder than they originally thought.
2. I truly love simplistic (looking) things such as sprites and pixel art, I love the style, I truly don't know why.

3. After originally starting off as a spriter, and realizing afterwords just how sh*tty my sprites actually looked... I realized just how much effort spriters ACTUALLY put into their artwork.
As for question 2) And if you didn't grow up with "retro games", do you think you would be able to enjoy the art and tell the difference between good and bad pixel art?

I can definitely tell the difference between good and bad pixel art. And I use that skill either for or against the spriter.

For : If the sprites/pixel art is good, I try to get them to do more.
Against : Well, it's not "necessarily" against the spriter. I never truly criticize people or their artwork... unless I hate that artist, in which case, yeah, I poke fun at their art, but I never just straight out "bash" people. If I think something has potential... I express that. If I think I have ideas for additions, I express THAT. Etc... etc... etc.
Something like this:
is sh*t. (This was made by me, that's why I'm saying it's sh*t.)
Something like these though:
Deathsroke Mask right bigger.png
Deathstroke left bigger.png
Deathstroke mask left bigger.png
Deathstroke right bigger.png
Sivath bigger.png
Zhay bigger.png
Navarre bigger.png
(All made by @DerpoTheMagnificent ) are damn good.
(There are my "somewhat" in-depth answers.)


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Since this is technically a response to a profile message and not really designed as a thread on it's own, then I'm going to lock it for now since it's served it's purpose.

Sivath, if you want to re-purpose this thread as a discussion about Pixel Art, feel free to PM me. I think it could make for an interesting discussion.
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