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Any nice seed for large map - newbs in expertmode - w/friends


Title kinda says it but does anyone have a recommended seed for a map:
-Expert mode
-""""""noob friendly"""""" (I take it as no corruption or crimson at 2 steps from spawn or something like that xd)
-Any other thing for a good journey with friends (we are 4 at least, everyone being new to expertmode)

PS: If you have any for Classic mode it's welcomed too, nice to have.
Thanks for any reply and sorry if I misspelled something, english's not my main language.


Skeletron Prime
Drunk world (seed: 05162020 or 5162020) might be good for you.

It has both types of each ore (so tin and copper, lead and iron, etc) and after breaking altars it will have both hardmode ores (cobalt and palladium, adamantite and titanium, etc). There will be plenty for weapons, tools and armour.

It has loads of living trees on the surface for early items. Plus it has both crimson and corruption, with both biome chests available in the dungeon.

It's fun and because it has everything in one world it's pretty noob friendly.
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