PC Anyone interested in playing together?

Discussion in 'PC' started by Predious, Dec 9, 2018.

  1. Predious

    Predious Golem

    I have just over 1900 hours in Terraria and I can tell you, if anything, one thing that I know about this game... it gets lonely playing by yourself.

    I hope that with this thread I can find like-minded people to join up and play this game with, to finally get a chance to enjoy it with others, and maybe even make new friends along the way. I don't really play with mods, and it may take some convincing to get me into modding the game as I just want to jump right in and get to playing. I'm mostly aiming for survival gig, might try to get into a creative thing, but otherwise I'm just trying to find people to play this game with. I'm also game for some role play or class selection in a play-through, and should we want to choose classes, I can go for either melee, ranged, or magic. Summoner stuff isn't as interesting to me, but its not out of the question either, just not my preference.

    Thanks for reading this and I hope to hear from people wanting a similar deal. I play through steam only, no console here, but I often am told I'm easy to get along with, great at cooperative tasks from just surviving to puzzles and bosses, and enjoy humor and laughs. If need be, we can contact each other through Discord, to which I will privately message you upon requests here to prevent a blow up of my discord.

    As for PC specs, have no fear, I'm able to run Terraria with no issues, even hosting through steam if necessary. cpu i3-6100 quad core 3.7ghz, gpu gtx 960, 16gb ddr4 ram.

    Enjoy your holidays, and I'll try to update this thread once I feel I've found the right person or group for playing this game with so I don't dash anyone elses hopes, or I find the game not as interesting as other things in the current moment. Cheers!
  2. Lord Garak

    Lord Garak Retinazer

    Add me on Discord Employee 427#4502
  3. JukeBox

    JukeBox Terrarian

    If its not to late I'd be happy play some Terraria.
  4. Predious

    Predious Golem

    Well its certainly not too late. If you have a discord, that is the best way to contact me. We can privately message our discord names and find each other there if that is good with you.
  5. JukeBox

    JukeBox Terrarian

    That is fine. Ill send my discord
  6. Skibbles

    Skibbles Terrarian

    I would love to join if that's okay!! My discord is Skibbles#7994
  7. Zair-

    Zair- Terrarian

    would like to join please Zair-#5157
  8. jman3157

    jman3157 Terrarian

    Would like to join my discord is Jman#7604
  9. fearow409

    fearow409 Terrarian

    i sent a request
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    i sent a request if u wanna play
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    sent a request lmk
  10. vJestr

    vJestr Terrarian

    My steam is : vJestr
    I really would like to play with someone cuz it does get lonely after a while, I need to defeat the mechanical worm so if you can help that would be great! Plus I need to defeat the wall of flesh but that’s easy ;:)
    Thx cya
  11. SleepingFoxs

    SleepingFoxs Terrarian

    add me on discord SleepingFoxs#8287
    my name is cringy q_q
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  12. Secmem

    Secmem Terrarian

    Sure, I'd like to join if it's not too late :). My discord is -
    Secmem #7005
  13. Cere.exe

    Cere.exe Terrarian

    I'd be down to play
    Disc: SantaSnorlax#5956
  14. Dr.Dork

    Dr.Dork Terrarian

    This is likely way too late, though i would be down.

    Disc: Dr.Dork#3948

    You can host stuff.