PS4 anyone need expert bags?

Discussion in 'Want to Sell' started by gamerX-_-X1124, Dec 28, 2017.

  1. gamerX-_-X1124

    gamerX-_-X1124 Terrarian

    I have been grinding moonlord bags and willing to give some away along with many other endgame items, excluding the cellphone and some other new items, msg me for more details psn: gamerX-_-X
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  2. gamerX-_-X1124

    gamerX-_-X1124 Terrarian

    sorry my the guides face is a dash then underscore then a dash
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  3. Lowkeysimba

    Lowkeysimba Terrarian

    Hey if you could give me two Fishron bags? It would make my experience a lot more fun, psn is lowkeysimba
  4. IronCorruptor29

    IronCorruptor29 Terrarian

    Still have some bags lol (seriously tho) PSN: IronCorruptor20
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  5. gamerX-_-X1124

    gamerX-_-X1124 Terrarian

    yup as many as you need
  6. GreyGhost11B

    GreyGhost11B Skeletron Prime

    Looking for a sextant. What would you trade?
  7. leechheart

    leechheart Skeletron

    Bags don't work for other people. I tried giving someone a bag and it didn't work. You could give the items away, however.
  8. Jay-Lyric

    Jay-Lyric Terrarian

    Yes please, I have fisherman pocket guides
  9. GreyGhost11B

    GreyGhost11B Skeletron Prime

    I was finally able to find a sextant. Completed the cell phone. Then it took FOREVER to find a nazar to complete the anhk shield. Now trying to find a way to defeat the Moon Lord in expert mode. Anyone up for a try or three?
  10. Jay-Lyric

    Jay-Lyric Terrarian

    I need a sextant
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    We are not strong enough yet but we will when we are
  11. GreyGhost11B

    GreyGhost11B Skeletron Prime

    Jay, sextants are hard to find. I still have not succeeded in defeating the ML in expert mode. Let me know when you are strong enough. I really want to get some of those bags!
  12. gamerX-_-X1124

    gamerX-_-X1124 Terrarian

    I mean, i have a cell phone that you can have
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    I can help you. Do you have a mic?
  13. Digital1701

    Digital1701 Terrarian

    Do you have the Yoraiz0r set? I’d be willing to buy the Yoraiz0rs spell for 50-100 gold
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    PSN is my Username
  14. Flame5402

    Flame5402 Terrarian

    Hey man I’ll take anything you have from those bags (preferably weapons). I’ll pay you in platinum. Username: Flame5402