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    Some of the roleplays from Social Group days were archived to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. Here are the links to the ones we know about. If you know of others and want to share, let someone on the forum staff know and we'll add them.

    Important: Most pages have two versions, one with "&_params=Array" at the end, one without, the archive usually only has one of these versions, if a page doesn't seem to be archived try both with and without. The one you get directed to depends on how you navigate the forum. - h/t to @Lord Ruby for the concise explanation of this

    TCF Roleplay Section Archives (2014-18)

    Pokémon: Legends

    The Order of Disorder: A world of Consistent Inconsistency

    The Island

    Digimon: Worlds at War (Dynasty of Data III)


    The Sliver RP was saved in a different format here.
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Thread Status:
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