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Armor Set Debuff


I am trying to make an armor set where you are able to inflict ShadowFlame, On Fire, and Frostburn, but the set bonus ends up giving me the debuffs.
using Terraria;
using Terraria.ModLoader;
using Terraria.ID;

namespace AceAjax.Items
    public class TantalumHelmet : ModItem
        public override void SetDefaults()
            item.width = 18;
            item.height = 18;
            item.value = 10000;
            item.rare = ItemRarityID.Green;
            item.defense = 5;

        public override bool IsArmorSet(Item head, Item body, Item legs)
            return body.type == ModContent.ItemType<TantalumShirt>() && legs.type == ModContent.ItemType<TantalumPants>();
        public override void UpdateEquip(Player player)
            player.buffImmune[BuffID.OnFire] = true;
            player.statManaMax2 += 20;
        public override void UpdateArmorSet(Player player)
            player.setBonus = "You inflict On Fire Frostburn and Shadowflame, plus 15% more damage";
            player.AddBuff(BuffID.OnFire, 999);
            player.AddBuff(BuffID.ShadowFlame, 999);
            player.AddBuff(BuffID.Frostburn, 999);
            player.allDamage -= 0.15f;

        public override void AddRecipes()
            ModRecipe recipe = new ModRecipe(mod);
            recipe.AddIngredient(ModContent.ItemType<TantalumBar>(), 25);
Could someone please explain how I can fix this?
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