Weapons & Equip Armour Effect Modules

Is this a good idea?

  • Yes.

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  • No, because this is completely horrible and would ruin the game forever.

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Do you hate having to wear necro or cobalt armor for the after-image? Is adamantine not cool enough for the pulsing effect? Do you hate how mythril looks,but love the glowing?

Then this is for you!

Simply put,would you like social accesories that give those effects and more?

For Example:

Shadow Module
10 Cobalt Bars + Empty Module

Pulsing Module
10 Adamantine Bars + Empty Module

Glowing Module
10 Mythril Bars + Empty Module

Empty Module
Bought from the Steampunker/Mechanic/Whatever

And of course, there will be more Modules of the armors that i surely forgot.

Yes,or no?
I had a similar idea to this, but with dye. For example, the Mythril effect would be labeled "glittery dye", and it could be combined with colors and whatnot.

But what you have here is pretty good.
I support this idea wholeheartedly. I'd LOVE seeing this put in to the game for the simple fact that I've always loved the Shadowy effect that comes with Shadow armor.
There's no reason for this not to be added, support.
Doughnuttttttt apporves.png
Awesome idea!
There could even be rune and frost modules!
My only question being, how do they work? Do you put them in your vanity equipment slot?
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