ASE's Art Thread

All Seeing Eye

Eye of Cthulhu

ASE is back to the forums and for some reason he wanted to post more pixel art!​

Times have changed and I'm starting to get better at art so I'm getting back here to post my mostly non-terraria related art!
Hope you like what you see and if you do, please do check my FB page out dudez!

I am currently open for requests. I'm selective of them but i'll reply to you if I can do it for yaa :passionate:
I will try to be online for at least 3 days a week!
I'm more likely to pixel:
  • SU Art
  • SVTFOE Art
  • Any well described monster
  • Portraits
I'm least likely to pixel:
  • Terraria Weapons
  • Terraria Armors

Anyway here's some art!

Old Arts
Facing your nightmares.pnglina2.png

March 2018
Ice Queen.png

April 2018

Stay Awesome Guys ;)
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