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tModLoader AStar Pathfinding


Oooh nice a pathfinding mod! Nice to see a mod that does this.
On that note I would not like to see the magic missile changed as I prefer moving it with the mouse. Perhaps you could add a new weapon that does that instead?


now this is how you do an enhancement mod
toughens the game, but not too much
makes it realistic, not painful
[doublepost=1507893370,1507893275][/doublepost]btw download's :red:ed


What about performance impact? It will be very convenient to know would your PC handle this mod or better heuristic method directly from this thread
I've only properly tested on my PC and have no slower ones to try on. I've found that having Global Generation disabled and the heuristic to Manhattan, which both are defaults, is best for performance.
I've also saved as much performance as I can with local generation by not regenerating nodes that are already generated and leave the modified tiles for GlobalTile and GlobalWall to handle. If you have the debug enabled, you should be able to see this. However, it'll also check any tiles such as long grass, vines and other similar things too.
No change. Although the game is locked at 60FPS, I haven't seen it drop below.
Feel free to try it for yourself. I really have nobody else giving me feedback on things like that.
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Lunatic Lobbyist

The Destroyer
I assume this would conflict with other mods that edit general NPC AI/movement? I believe mods like Terraria Overhaul edit AI -- not sure if any compatibility has been tested. If not, I can give it a try.

Other than that, this mod looks too good to be true. :)
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Lunatic Lobbyist

The Destroyer
Sounds good. I'll be trying it with Terraria Overhaul and some other big mods in the next few days and let you know what I find. Thanks for the reply.
Most enemies in Thorum won't work as they seem to have copy+pasted AI from vanilla, so I'll need to whitelist them manually. Some from Spirit Mod and GRealm too. I'm not touching Tremor with any of my mods mainly because there's just too much.


Zombies not leaving when it turns day.
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