Biomes & Nature Background Customizer


I think there should be some sort of upgrade to the world globe, maybe a functional furniture piece.
What this would do is let you have more control over the world backgrounds from a single area.
It should be crafted using about 25 or 50 world globes and any other material.

1st Functionality is that you can resize and add the number of backgrounds you want in the world, mostly sliders
this would even include other biome backgrounds since they only have 1 background per world.

the 1st feature refers to how you can have 3 forest backgrounds in a single world.

2nd Functionality is that you can customize the backgrounds themselves, by changing, mixing and adding layers to the background.
each background usually has 3-5 layers, but with this you can have 1-5 layers, it doesn't matter how you arrange them.
you can't combine a biome background layer with one that is not relevant to its biome.
for example, mixing a desert background layer with a snow background layer.
But you can for example mix snow background layers with other snow background layers.

If you don't know what I mean by the layer mixing, then heres an image from the Terraria Ost (1.4 Update) playlist on YouTube.

Screenshot 2023-08-14 095708.png

And I might as well throw this in, but the ocean, jungle and snow should get their own crimson/corruption/hallow background variants.

I just think the background customizer would bring more customization to the player and to their likings.
Anyway, I hope you liked this idea, and I would like to hear your thoughts.
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