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**REPORTED** Bad Torch Game Crash


Steam or GOG
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Windows 10
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To those reading, hello, I'm Jester and I've recently found a torch that can crash peoples' games. We'll call this thing the "Bad Torch".

What is a bad torch?
The best way to describe it is that it's a torch with a placement style (like style 25) that isn't accessible through normal means of gameplay.

How does it crash your game?
This is me guessing here so bare with me. I believe that the game tries to render a bad torch's light. However, the light colour for the bad torch doesn't exist and cannot be rendered. The game doesn't have anything to default to and as a result, the game crashes. I've also tried running in with my lighting settings on white but my game still crashed so maybe I'm wrong in my guess. You can find a crash report in one of the attached files.

How is it placed?
Hacked clients have been popping up with the ability to place bad torches. If left ignored, this issue will spread to other servers like a cancer and can cause big trouble for servers since they are difficult to deal with and can potentially block people from joining a server that has a bad torched placed at or close to spawn.

I've attached a world file on here so you too can experience the crash. The file's name is "Bad Torch Example World"

Extra Information
There doesn't seem to be a way to destroy them in-game. The best treatment for them is to go into a third-party software like tEdit and erase the bad torches in there. Their crash distance is also dependent on one's resolution. Bad torches also lack a sprite and can only be seen as a pixel on something like tEdit. If you don't have tEdit, I have images attached to this post that show them.

How do I know this?
People have been placing them everywhere on my server. It's really annoying having to clean up all the time.

I hope this gets patched up real soon since it's already a major issue for me. If there are more questions, I'm happy to answer but I won't know everything.


  • Bad Torch Crash Report.png
    Bad Torch Crash Report.png
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  • Bad_Torch_Example_World.wld
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  • Bad Torch tEdit View 1.PNG
    Bad Torch tEdit View 1.PNG
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  • Bad Torch tEdit View 2.PNG
    Bad Torch tEdit View 2.PNG
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Official Terrarian
Hi, the client being used is likely mine ("Terraclient"). For the time being, you can bypass this using TShock as it allows you to block invalid styles.

It is indeed caused by attempting to get the light of a non-existent torch.

You can view how I implement a simple patch on my client to stop users of the client from crashing: TML-Patcher/Terraclient
This is a bandaid fix and drawing/rendering issues may still occur, but this is where the actual *crash* takes place, which basically tells you exactly where actual repairs need to be made. Hope this helps anyone that it can.
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Master of Ravens
I reported this to RE-Logic in good conscious and kept this from public prying eyes. The main reason I did not start a serious topic about this is because I was afraid of the exponential exploits going viral to destroy servers. So I directly messaged the team to have them fix it under the radar. Seems this won't be much use now.
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