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    Mirror (coming soon)

    Requires Mod Helpers

    Implements protective barriers, craftable by way of a Protective Paling item (accessory). Barriers will stop incoming projectiles and enemy NPCs, as long as they have a charge (scales with size). Charge is reduced by damage. Craftable from Magi-Tech Scrap, which is dropped by mech bosses. Barriers may have their size/hp, regeneration rate, defense, or hardness (shrink resist) adjusted freely.

    Upgrades, placeable palings (as tiles), and an API will be added eventually.

    Source available here. API now available (WIP).

    Available config fields are defined here. Config file: Documents/My Games/Terraria/ModLoader/Configs/Barriers Config.json


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    Hell yes, finally a proper force field mod!
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    I love the variable stats, will there be a way to upgrade them?
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    Yes. Ideas welcome. I just plan to use increasing stages of materials (Nanites, Martian Conduit, Luminite) to make upgrade stages.
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    the visuals could be an alteration of the lightning field from DD2 sentry weapon. I propose to have a time field, a force field, a rebound field. Good of they are placeable as well
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