Being able to turn off a torch by hand

Should you be able to right-click to toggle a torch

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I'd prefer that right-clicking destroys the torch, because there are times early-game where you want to get pick the torch back up because you're working with a limited number of them, and you want to place it somewhere else where you need the light. To that extent, I think it's more useful to quickly get rid of torches than it is to quickly turn them off and on.

That said, a way to quickly click-toggle lamps, lanterns, and other 'sophisticated' light sources would be nice.


Maybe the devs can add a wiring mode in the settings or something which makes it so you can right-click to toggle a torch. People that do wiring a lot will benefit from this (you can make numerical displays with torches)


I can see the problem when it comes to wiring. There isn't an other way to turn them off.

However, same can be said to all light sources. Maybe an apart accesorie/tool that allows you to toggle multiple devices that requires wires otherwise? Just like the actuator tool to toggle actuators.
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